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Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Site Making it a Rich Source

You can turn your social media channels into a rich source of gaining additional user traffic most effectively, provided you know the exact ways to do it. Social media, in fact, is a good platform to generate referral traffic as it is found through different studies. A few of the facts regarding social media include: (more…)

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3 Options for Coping with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be a crippling disability to live with. It can interfere with your ability to make friends, find romantic connections, and even leave your home. Learning to cope properly is important because many people resort to self-medication, which leads to addiction. Healthy ways to manage anxiety come in many forms, and each person needs to find what works for them. With that in mind, we share a few options for people to cope with social anxiety in healthy ways. (more…)

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Small Business: Here are some email marketing tips for you

Email marketing is a great way of connecting with your potential customers and too without spending a fortune. As a small business owner, it is but natural that you keep this strategy in mind and connect with potential people to realize the true worth. If thinking of starting a business newsletter, you can realize the true benefits of email marketing.

Below are listed some email marketing tips. Follow these and benefit. (more…)

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Satellite tracking identifies Atlantic Ocean risk zones for leatherback turtles

The last large populations of the leatherback turtle are at risk because their migratory routes in the Atlantic Ocean clash with the locations of industrial fisheries, a new study shows.

Researchers used data from satellite transmitters attached to the turtles to track their movements across the Atlantic Ocean. These movements were then overlapped with information on high pressure fishing areas to identify where the turtles are most susceptible to becoming entangled and where they may drown. (more…)

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Targeted audiences and websites can help magazines weather the onslaught of online competition

TORONTO, ON — While print media continue to suffer at the hands of their online counterparts, new research from the University of Toronto Scarborough finds that print magazines with companion websites are able to attract more advertising dollars.

“Targeting is as important as ever,” says Ambarish Chandra, Assistant Professor at UTSC’s Department of Management. In a study of magazines in Germany, Prof. Chandra and Prof. Ulrich Kaiser of the University of Zurich found that magazines offering targeted advertising both in print and on the web can charge more from advertisers. (more…)

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Weißrussland: Opposition und Zensur in einer Diktatur

Weißrussland gilt als letzte Diktatur Europas. Eine mögliche Öffnung in Richtung Europa liegt in weiter Ferne, und auch um die Meinungsfreiheit im Internet ist es in der ehemaligen Sowjetrepublik schlecht bestellt. Seit einer Gesetzesänderung im Januar 2012 haben viele Regimekritiker sich aus dem Netz zurückgezogen. Ein Überblick über die aktuelle Situation.

Während die Opposition in Russland das Internet aktiv für die politische Meinungsbildung nutzt und sich dieser Trend auch in der Ukraine rasant entwickelt, fehlt es in der ehemaligen Sowjetrepublik Weißrussland an einem organisierten Widerstand. Wer sich gegen die Regierung stellt, muss mit großen Schwierigkeiten rechnen, so der Osteuropa-Experte Denis Friedrich von der Freien Universität Berlin. Der Politikwissenschaftler stammt selbst aus der ehemaligen Sowjetrepublik und ist Mitglied der Deutsch-belarussischen Gesellschaft sowie des gemeinnützigen Vereins Menschenrechte in Belarus e.V., der sich für die Menschenrechte in seiner Heimat einsetzt. (more…)

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