Some interesting facts ‘Stormy Daniels’ reveals about herself on her website

Just weeks ago porno actress, writer and director ‘Stormy Daniels’ made headlines having an alleged affair with President Donald Trump.

The alleged relationship took place in 2006, but the point is The Wall Street Journal reporting says, President’s lawyer paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 just before the 2016 election. That stirred a storm on the net, and more things are coming out as a consequence. It’s highly guessed, First Lady Melania Trump avoided accompanying the President in the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

To many, it’s probably unknown that ‘Stormy Daniels’ has a website, where on the ‘About Me’ page the actress revealed interesting facts about hersself:

„I’ve been very blessed to have a wide-ranging carreer and was even lucky enough to have been crowned the #1 Porn Star In The World in the “Genesis Top 100” and “The New Queen Of X” by Girls Of Penthouse magazine. My adult movies have been nominated for multiple AVN awards & I was also thrilled to appear in some Hollywood motion pictures such as The 40 Year Old Virgin.“

Regarding how all these have begun, how the adult movie actress started her career:

It all began when I started stripping in Baton Rouge & eventually graduating to feature dancing. Shortly after that, I met some people in the adult biz and the rest is history!“

In the FAQ section, the 38-years old super star adult model talks openly even about very personal stuffs like:

What is your favorite sex position?  I like standing doggie with my right leg up and good ol’ missionary.

Are your boobs real?  Well, you’re not imagining them.  If you are asking if they are natural, then the answer is no.  I have implants…they’re named Thunder and Lightning and I LOVE them!

Do you prefer men or women? MEN! Bitches be crazy!  I do love to have fun with girls….just something about the taste of pussy…MMMM!

How often do you masturbate?  At least once a day…LOL

Bottom Line: Sometimes storms come in life, but after that, sun shines in the blue sky 🙂

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