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Choosing an Attire for Your Game’s Character -Do’s and Don’ts

In an era of digital world video gaming is spreading widely. Millions of people play video games worldwide every day and how they dress in those games matters. So why we never talked about fashion in games more? Games have long been used to explore different life features, from fantasy lands to wars, but fashion has fallen at the edge. (more…)

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For student musicians at Brown, vibrant interest in music production makes for a perfect mix

At Brown, first-year student Chance Emerson finds opportunity to explore wide-ranging academic interests and pursue musical collaborations while perfecting his first full-length album, “The Raspberry Men.”

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Chance Emerson had been at Brown for barely two weeks when he learned firsthand the power of the perfect sound mix. (more…)

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How to Price Your Art: 6 Mistakes to avoid

Combining the ideas to create a piece of art might seem like the only tricky thing an artist has to go through, though the reality throws uncountable such concerns when it comes to art and its sale. After getting over the hard part that creating an art piece is, an equally hard phase awaits the artist, which is pricing their artwork. Any artist who wishes to share and make money out of their hard work has to face this problem, even more, when you are a beginner. Pricing your art is more than just putting any random price range over it. (more…)

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Do you know VIBBIDI? – I see Music has a new Vibration

While I was going through music industry’s youngest streaming platform ‘VIBBIDI’ and having some talks with colleagues Kaz and Cameron, I was overwhelmed every bit I learnt on how it evolved, and (now) flourishing faster in currently very chaotic and only money-making Music world. Kazuhiro Naya and colleagues are changing it radically. (more…)

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Report outlines integrated strategy toward diversity and inclusion in Hollywood

For Hollywood to be a more inclusive and diverse industry, companies need to implement a five-point strategy for hiring, sponsoring and promoting minorities and women — especially women of color — a new UCLA study suggests (more…)

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