Top 5 Advantages of Sixth Sense Technology

Sixth Sense Technology is made up of several parts like pocket projector, camera, and mirror. All these are connected together to one mobile computer device. The device made from Sixth Sense Technology is extremely portable and can be worn around the neck. There are several benefits of Sixth Sense Technology. Let’s have a look at the top 5.

Number 1:

Sixth Sense features a certain user guide that is extremely simple to use. There are several important gestures that people can easily learn without even going through rigorous tutorials. These gestures include taking a photo, or making a call over phone, or even trying to check out the time.To take a photo snap, the user need to simply make a hand gesture in the air that feels like a rectangle. With this simple gesture, the picture will get snapped. Yes, this is what Sixth Sense Technology is all about. The snapped picture will be stored carefully in the device’s memory card. User will always have direct access to the picture whenever he/she wants to edit it. The user can easily resize the image and carry out editing simply with the help of some finger motions over the projected screen.

Number 2:

The Sixth Sense Technology is being used in development of mobile phones. In fact, phone calls become easier using this technology. Simply touch the digital keys on some surface for projection purpose. For time checking, the user needs to simply carryout a circle gesture on his/her wrist. The Sixth Sense technology is smart enough to recognize it. Quickly, it will display time.

Number 3:

Sixth Sense Technology can be quite an ideal substitute for laptop, tablet, and desktop computers. Carrying out programs like checking email, browsing the net, working in Microsoft Office suite, etc. become easier and smarter with the inclusion of this specific technology. Say for example, the user is planning to check the email. Simply turn on the projector, and then write ‘@’ with his/her fingers. The camera recognizes it quickly and then presents before the user different options related to electronic mail accessibility.

Number 4:

Sixth Sense Technology can be used for scanning a book. The technology will provide detailed review, summary, and ratings of the book. It can also easily recognize other readable items like magazine, newspaper, and journals. The Sixth Sense Technology, after observing a scanned newspaper image, can easily pull out some related news or video from the net. The technology is very handy and recognizes different hand gestures to operate the devices.

Number 5:

Sixth Sense Technology is also used for gaming purpose and also writing accounts. Playing games becomes easier and more enjoyable with the help of this technology. With some basic hand gestures, a game can be played. In fact, different sound effects can also be produced through motion sensor concept.

Sixth Sense Technology is creating havoc impact in the IT and electronics industry. In fact, mobile computing simply goes beyond the next level. It is a superb invention that is showing new dimensions.

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