It’s OK to Be a Different Mom to Each of Your Children

Trying to keep things equal in your family? While your goal may be to treat everyone fairly, it’s not exactly realistic.

After all, you don’t behave the same way with your best friend as you do with your boss, do you? You likely address your father in a different way than you do your own siblings. You treat everyone as an individual which is why it’s completely OK to be a different mom to each of your children. (more…)

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Imaging technique could help identify where landslides

New approach developed by UCLA’s Seulgi Moon

Each year, landslides kill thousands of people around the world and cause catastrophic property damage. But scientists are still trying to better understand the circumstances that cause them. Doing so would go a long way toward helping people predict where landslides could occur and how severe they might be. (more…)

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The Best 10 Apps for Helping Kids Learn

As much as we complain about the amount of screentime kids get, the truth is that nowadays, they’re pretty much born with a smartphone in their hands, so might as well make the most of it and ensure that the time they spend on these devices helps them develop and educates them, as well as entertains them. (more…)

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Sprachmelodie hilft beim Erkennen von Wörtern

Hören wir eine uns fremde Sprache, ist es schwierig zu erkennen, wann ein Wort aufhört und das nächste beginnt. Dabei kann die Sprachmelodie eine Hilfe sein: Wissenschafter*innen der Universität Wien haben herausgefunden, dass Wörter in einem kontinuierlichen Sprachfluss gut erkannt werden, wenn die Silbe am Wortende länger ausgesprochen wird als die restlichen Silben des Wortes. Eine ungewohnte Sprachmelodie erschwert hingegen das Erkennen von Wörtern. Die Studie erscheint in Frontiers in Psychology. (more…)

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