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16 October 2021

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In an ever-changing world, either it is science, politics, economic or any other issue, there will be always challenges to face. Being part of humanity’s daring endeavours to find the answers, we are here to share our thoughts and expertise.

Come on. Be part of it. Let’s do it together.


Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen als Krisenprävention

Wirtschaftswissenschaftler*innen erarbeiten Modell, das die Pandemie und vergleichbare Krisen finanziell abfedern soll Ein Grundeinkommen kann helfen, um Ungleichheit und Ungerechtigkeit...
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7 Benefits of Choosing Home Learning Courses

Home learning is not a new notion for your children. The number of homeschool children is rising every year. And...
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Learn Arabic alphabets in the best musical way

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It’s OK to Be a Different Mom to Each of Your Children

Trying to keep things equal in your family? While your goal may be to treat everyone fairly, it’s not exactly...
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Nienhagen Sunflower (Nienhagen Series – 3)

Sunflower from Nienhagen, Celle (more…)
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Imaging technique could help identify where landslides

New approach developed by UCLA’s Seulgi Moon Each year, landslides kill thousands of people around the world and cause catastrophic...
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