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16 May 2021

A Site to Exchange
Knowledge & Solutions

In an ever-changing world, either it is science, politics, economic or any other issue, there will be always challenges to face. Being part of humanity’s daring endeavours to find the answers, we are here to share our thoughts and expertise.

Come on. Be part of it. Let’s do it together.


Recycling – Cardboard Balers Help You Get Money from Trash the Easy Way

Why recycle? Why do we need to recycle cardboards? Why not just dump them at the landfills and let them...
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Health Technology

New Law of Physics Helps Humans and Robots Grasp the Friction of Touch

Although robotic devices are used in everything from assembly lines to medicine, engineers have a hard time accounting for the...
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Economy Jobs

Neue Arbeitswelten durch Corona

Forscherin der Universität Freiburg stellt Studien zum Umgang mit digitalen Arbeitskulturen vor Die Corona-Pandemie hat den Digitalisierungsprozess vieler Unternehmen beschleunigt....
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Q&A: ShakeAlert earthquake early warning system arriving in Pacific Northwest

After years in development, an earthquake early warning system known as ShakeAlert is on the cusp of being released in...
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No eyes? No problem. Worms still avoid the blues

Worms don’t like the blues. At least not the blue-tinged toxic bacteria that are common in the environments where they...
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Autophagie: Der Anfang vom Ende

Forschungsgruppe gelingt Einblick in die Entstehung der Recycling-Zentren der Zelle Die Autophagie, vom Griechischen für "Selbst-Essen", ist ein essentieller Prozess,...
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