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26 May 2022

A Site to Exchange
Knowledge & Solutions

In an ever-changing world, either it is science, politics, economic or any other issue, there will be always challenges to face. Being part of humanity’s daring endeavours to find the answers, we are here to share our thoughts and expertise.

Come on. Be part of it. Let’s do it together.

Media Politics

What President Putin discussed with the Belarus Leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin met President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus at the Bocharov Ruchei residence in Sochi. The Russian-Belarusian talks (more…)
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Health Science

Oli­ven wa­ren schon in der Stein­zeit be­liebt

Menschen haben Oliven bereits vor 100.000 Jahren als Nahrungsmittel und Brennstoff benutzt. Das haben Forscher*innen um Laurent Marquer vom Institut...
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Culture Health

What do you see when you listen to music?

Are we all imagining the same thing when we listen to music, or are our experiences hopelessly subjective? In other...
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Politics Weapons

Ukraine War: The Changes, Shifting

As the war in Ukraine heading towards the 3rd month, some bitter truths are exposing with time, clearly pointing to...
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Politics Weapons

Ten Commandments of War Propaganda

Ten Commandments of War Propaganda: We do not want war. (more…)
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Health Technology

Do cell phones distract us from interacting with our kids?

UD professor Roberta Golinkoff publishes new study on the influence of cell phones on parent-child interactions. Over the last several...
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