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11 December 2023

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In an ever-changing world, either it is science, politics, economic or any other issue, there will be always challenges to face. Being part of humanity’s daring endeavours to find the answers, we are here to share our thoughts and expertise.

Come on. Be part of it. Let’s do it together.


Understanding differences between Statue, Stature, and Statute with easy examples

Statue, stature, and statute – these words are stunningly similar to each other at a first glance and may be...
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Do ‘Gleis’ and ‘Bahnsteig’ have the same meaning?

Regarding German railway services, 'Gleis' and 'Bahnsteig' are two terms referring to different elements of a train station. (more…)
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Mittels Käfer-Evolution die geologische Geschichte Indonesiens erklären

DNA-Analyse der Käferart macht Rückschlüsse auf eine heute unter Wasser liegende, damalige Insel möglich Eine neue Studie zu Rüsselkäfern unter...
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Education Science

‘You capture how I think’: An artist connects science and portraiture

The Wu Tsai Institute’s first artist in residence explores her subjects’ inner worlds — and creates opportunity for unexpected collaborations....
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Economy Technology

Stablecoins: The Role of Stable Value Cryptocurrencies in the Crypto Ecosystem

A new actor has entered the volatile waters of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to deliver stability: stablecoins. Values in this dynamic...
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Economy Politics

Rohstoffbedarf der globalen Armutsbekämpfung erstmals berechnet

Freiburger Forschende quantifizieren die notwendige Materialmenge, um Menschen ein Leben ohne Armut zu ermöglichen 1,2 Milliarden Menschen leben in Armut....
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