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IBM Announces Inaugural TechXchange Conference

IBM TechXchange will bring together technologists from around the world and provide education through hands-on experience with the latest IBM technology

ARMONK, N.Y. — Today, IBM announced its first-ever TechXchange Conference, which will take place September 11 through September 14 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. For more information and to register, please visit the conference homepage. (more…)

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Aliza Kopans: Working to promote digital wellness for generations to come

From organizing grassroots campaigns to advocating for policy change, the Brown sophomore is on a mission to make screen time safer, healthier and more empowering for young people.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — As a teenager, Aliza Kopans moved from the Boston suburbs to the “middle of nowhere Vermont” to attend a semester school program, where she went four months without her cell phone. But that wasn’t the culture shock — it was coming back home. (more…)

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How to understand if an article is written by artificial intelligence

In 2023 we entered the age of artificial intelligence (AI) where ChatGPT is in leading position. AI’s getting more sophisticated and more human-like. It’s now tough to identify whether an article is written by AI or by a human. We asked ChatGPT for criteria on how to address this issue. Let’s see some astonishing facts: (more…)

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Eureka! Archimedes Running Naked Again with Joy

Here we go again with ChatGPT:

Prompt: You are a great physicist, mathematician and inventor of all time. You obviously know the story of Archimedes, how he invented the method for determining the volume of an object and his joyful crying “Eureka!“. Can you please describe it in a way that even someone who has no knowledge of physics understand it clearly and find it very amusing. I mean, can you bring some fun to the story as well? Please take your time and write it in details. (more…)

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Diving into the ocean bottom steered by a video game controller

Imagine you are driving through Sahara, your car is powered by solar energy. Now all on a sudden, solar panels or the device that catches sunlight went out of order either due to a malfunction or physical damage that occurred as the trail you are driving through is rough or you just hit against any roadside object very hard. Although your solar device is labeled ‘failure resistant’ or resistant against severe weather changes, things on real expeditions can always face life-threatening challenges. (more…)

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How to convert decimal numbers into ASCII code? – an easy step-by-step ChatGPT guide

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a widely used character encoding standard. It represents characters as decimal numbers, with each character assigned a unique code. The ASCII standard uses values ranging from 0 to 127 to represent a total of 128 characters. (more…)

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Phishing for Trouble: How to Spot and Avoid Mobile Scams

In this digital age, almost everything can be accessed using the tips of our fingers. Hence, almost everyone of all ages is glued to their cell phones, distracting them from interacting with people. However, while mobile phones help us in many ways, especially convenience, they’re also a hot spot for hackers and scammers. (more…)

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