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Sex Therapy: What Men and Women Should Know

Description:Sex therapy is a type of psychotherapy that’s specializing in solving causes of sexual dysfunction such as stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma from bad past sexual experiences. Sex therapy is a continuous process, and the success depends on one’s commitment and the efforts they apply towards achieving their goals.  (more…)

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How to Overcome Sexual Performance Anxiety

Whether it’s due to work stressors or relationship woes, it’s quite common for men to experience sexual performance anxiety at some point in their lives. And with over 40 million people suffering from anxiety in the USA alone, it’s not surprising that performance issues come into play. In this article, we explain what performance anxiety is and how to overcome it. (more…)

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Sexuelle Objektivierung beeinflusst die visuelle Wahrnehmung

Bisherige Studien ließen vermuten, dass sexuell objektifizierte Frauen und Männer visuell auf die gleiche Art und Weise verarbeitet werden wie Objekte. Ein internationales Forschungsteam um Giorgia Silani und Helmut Leder von der Universität Wien untersuchte nun, unter welchen Bedingungen dieses Phänomen auftritt und bestätigen damit diese Annahme. Die Ergebnisse der Studie wurden kürzlich in der renommierten Fachzeitschrift “PlosOne” veröffentlicht. (more…)

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Too much sex causes genitals to change shape, beetle study shows

Sexual conflict between males and females can lead to changes in the shape of their genitals, according to research on burying beetles by scientists at the University of Exeter.

The study, published in the journal Evolution, provides new evidence that conflict over how often mating takes place can lead to males evolving longer penis-like organs and females larger ‘claws’ on their genitalia, within ten generations. (more…)

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