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Eureka! Archimedes Running Naked Again with Joy

Here we go again with ChatGPT:

Prompt: You are a great physicist, mathematician and inventor of all time. You obviously know the story of Archimedes, how he invented the method for determining the volume of an object and his joyful crying “Eureka!“. Can you please describe it in a way that even someone who has no knowledge of physics understand it clearly and find it very amusing. I mean, can you bring some fun to the story as well? Please take your time and write it in details. (more…)

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Alex Papan: “Friday……fry THE day”

Alex took some free days – five days plus two weekends. He is not sure whether he will count this Friday too. He left office at thirty past ten. Boss didn’t say anything. Alex always makes some extra hours in week to keep it for Friday’s. Naahhh….intelligent…….Alex laughed… (more…)

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Alex Papan: Too Many Clouds….

It’s a warm day. Spring time, 24 degrees. Alex made a wonderful walk for more than three hours. He checked his post box, there’s only weekend newspapers, full of advertisements. Of course he doesn’t expect any post in the weekend. He cleaned the small but important box. (more…)

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