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Alex Papan: “Friday……fry THE day”

Alex took some free days – five days plus two weekends. He is not sure whether he will count this Friday too. He left office at thirty past ten. Boss didn’t say anything. Alex always makes some extra hours in week to keep it for Friday’s. Naahhh….intelligent…….Alex laughed…

Although it’s just noon, but Alex thought it’s time for his favorite bier – Krombacher. Why he likes the brand……he doesn’t know. Once Alessandra asked him……..and it might be slip of tongue……Krombacher came out to his world. He sighed. How fast time flies! Nothing went fine with her. There were troubles everywhere, in everything. He should have consulted an astrologer. Love’s there, troubles too. But why? This co-existence? (more…)

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Alex Papan: Too Many Clouds….

It’s a warm day. Spring time, 24 degrees. Alex made a wonderful walk for more than three hours. He checked his post box, there’s only weekend newspapers, full of advertisements. Of course he doesn’t expect any post in the weekend. He cleaned the small but important box.

No call from Mom today. She got a new friend. Alex is not clear whether he is her boyfriend. Years before Mom and Dad had a hard quarrel. His mother Anne called Sergei, his father, a ‘Mother F_ckerr Bastard’. Alex wanted to tell his Dad, you heard what you deserved. But things went already very far and he just didn’t want to meddle in the affair. However, he calls Mom at least once a day and his Dad once a week, vice versa. (more…)

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