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How to understand if an article is written by artificial intelligence

In 2023 we entered the age of artificial intelligence (AI) where ChatGPT is in leading position. AI’s getting more sophisticated and more human-like. It’s now tough to identify whether an article is written by AI or by a human. We asked ChatGPT for criteria on how to address this issue. Let’s see some astonishing facts: (more…)

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How to convert decimal numbers into ASCII code? – an easy step-by-step ChatGPT guide

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) is a widely used character encoding standard. It represents characters as decimal numbers, with each character assigned a unique code. The ASCII standard uses values ranging from 0 to 127 to represent a total of 128 characters. (more…)

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Investigating Jack the Ripper case with ChatGPT

Jack the Ripper was a late 19th Century serial killer from London whose identity was never known. As a consequence, number of books were written, theatres, television series and movies were made making him one of the most enigmatic figures of all time. One such big hit was 2001 film ‘From Hell’ starring Johnny Depp as London Metropolitan Police Inspector Frederick Abberline. (more…)

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For black rhino, zoo diet might be too much of a good thing

Prediabetes condition seen in captive black rhinos, but not their wild counterparts

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A new study shows that captive black rhinos – but not their wild counterparts – are at high risk for two common health problems suffered by millions of humans: inflammation and insulin resistance. (more…)

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