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Smartphone Technology in 2021: How to Use it to Enhance Your Online Business

Smartphones are all pervasive today. You could say that 2021 has been the year of the smartphone, and you certainly would not be far off the mark. Since the global coronavirus pandemic has seen thousands of employees transition from in person to remote and work from home digital work platforms, smartphone use has evolved. (more…)

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It’s OK to Be a Different Mom to Each of Your Children

Trying to keep things equal in your family? While your goal may be to treat everyone fairly, it’s not exactly realistic.

After all, you don’t behave the same way with your best friend as you do with your boss, do you? You likely address your father in a different way than you do your own siblings. You treat everyone as an individual which is why it’s completely OK to be a different mom to each of your children. (more…)

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How Containerization Has Changed the World

The rise of smartphone technology, the invention of the internet, the proliferation of clean green sources of energy; all these innovations have changed the way we live in the last several decades. But there is one invention that passes unnoticed by most people, even though it too has revolutionized the way we live in our everyday lives: the shipping container. (more…)

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Analyzing the Covid-19 Effect on Tech Wages

Our world had a widespread impact due to the pandemic. If we look at each of the changes, we can understand the magnitude of a microscopic virus. Deaths and economic crises were the most critical points during this stage. However, various industries had different changes from others. (more…)

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How Water Circuit Therapy Benefits Your Skin

We have heard of the benefits offered by hot tubs. Companies like ByRossi are providing cost-effective means of bringing relaxation and luxury into the home (while ValueHunta provides everything else). But what about home hydrotherapy and water circuit therapy? (more…)

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