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Addiction Treatment Graduates Describe Their Catalysts for Seeking Help

Most recovery survivors I talk to can tell me the exact moment they decided to seek treatment. For some, it’s a small push; for others, it’s a shove. The majority of these people have similar storylines, though everyone’s experience is unique. It’s true that a lot of people require multiple attempts at sobriety before it sticks, but ultimately everyone reaches a moment when they realize they’re truly in a life or death situation. (more…)

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A Woman’s Journey

You know, I never thought I wanted kids. My little brother is seven years younger than I am. My mother worked full-time and my father was mostly absent, so the child-rearing duties frequently fell to me. I was also the oldest of the cousins, who, since their parents didn’t have money for childcare, also ended up in my lap. Oh, I’m not saying I was left alone with them at the tender age of eight or so. My grandmother watched us all, taking us from house to house as she worked as a maid.

So, my grandmother worked, and I watched the kids during the summer and after school. (more…)

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