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6 Must-Watch Animation Movies for Kids and Kids-At-Heart

Most people love watching movies to relax and unwind. And there are lots of parents who want their children to watch animation movies because of their moral lessons. Here are some of the best animation movies that children must watch. It is good for the heart for both kids and kids-at-heart.


  1. Finding Nemo (2003) -This is a stunning underwater adventure of an overly protected father clownfish named Martin who is looking for his son, Nemo. They become separated in the ocean when Nemo is unexpectedly taken by a diver and dumped into a fish tank. Like any father will do, Martin embarks on a dangerous journey to rescue his son and return home safely. Finding Nemo is a movie with memorable characters, humor and heartfelt emotion. This father-and-son-relationship movie will teach children to obey their parents. It is also a must-watch film for every parents as well, for this movie will also gives every parents an idea to let their children explore and to give them a little freedom. (more…)

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Kids have skewed view of gender segregation

Children believe the world is far more segregated by gender than it actually is, implies a new study led by a Michigan State University scholar.

Jennifer Watling Neal and colleagues examined classroom friendships in five U.S. elementary schools. Their findings, published in the journal Child Development, found boys and girls had no problems being friends together but for some reason had a perception that only boys played with boys and girls played with girls. (more…)

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Despite free health care, household income affects chronic disease control in kids

Researchers at the University of Montreal have found that the glycated hemoglobin levels of children with type 1 diabetes followed at its affiliated Sainte-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital (CHU Sainte-Justine) is correlated linearly and negatively with household income. Glycated hemoglobin is the binding of sugar to blood molecules – over time, high blood sugar levels lead to high levels of glycated hemoglobin, which means that it can be used to assess whether a patient properly controls his or her blood glucose level. “Our study highlights a marked disparity between the rich and the poor in an important health outcome for children with type 1 diabetes, despite free access to health care”, explained Dr. Johnny Deladoëy, who led the study. (more…)

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Exercise May Lead to Better School Performance for Kids with ADHD

EAST LANSING, Mich. — A few minutes of exercise can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder perform better academically, according to a new study led by a Michigan State University researcher.

The study, published in the current issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, shows for the first time that kids with ADHD can better drown out distractions and focus on a task after a single bout of exercise. Scientists say such “inhibitory control” is the main challenge faced by people with the disorder. (more…)

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A Woman’s Journey

You know, I never thought I wanted kids. My little brother is seven years younger than I am. My mother worked full-time and my father was mostly absent, so the child-rearing duties frequently fell to me. I was also the oldest of the cousins, who, since their parents didn’t have money for childcare, also ended up in my lap. Oh, I’m not saying I was left alone with them at the tender age of eight or so. My grandmother watched us all, taking us from house to house as she worked as a maid.

So, my grandmother worked, and I watched the kids during the summer and after school. (more…)

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U of T Research Demonstrates How Children Learn About Prejudice

How do children come to realize that they themselves might be targets of prejudice? It may depend on their age. New research conducted at the University of Toronto shows that a six-year-old may be influenced most by direct instruction about prejudice, but once that child gets closer to 10, she begins to rely more on her own experiences.

“Young children are information hungry – they are eagerly searching for general rules to help in mapping out their social worlds,” write researchers Sonia Kang, an assistant professor in the Department of Management at U of T Mississauga and the Rotman School of Management, and Professor Michael Inzlicht of the Department of Psychology in this month’s Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. (more…)

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MasterCard and Amazon.com Present the 2010 Holiday Toy List

*Holiday toy shopping just got easier – customers get FREE Two-Day Shipping when they use their MasterCard*

SEATTLE, Nov 01, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Amazon.com, Inc. today unveiled the annual 2010 Holiday Toy List (www.amazon.com/holidaytoylist), where customers can find this season’s hottest toys, video games, sporting goods, electronics, music, movies and books for kids. New this year, customers can get FREE Two-Day Shipping, or a $10 credit towards a future purchase for Amazon Prime members, when they use a MasterCard to purchase $75 or more in eligible items from the Holiday Toy List. Visit www.amazon.com/htl-promo for details.

“At Amazon we are focused on making holiday shopping simple and cost effective for parents, friends and family members,” said Sarah Wood, director of the Toy & Games Store for Amazon.com. “We know saving money is very important to our customers, and now when they use their MasterCard to purchase select items from the Holiday Toy List they can get faster shipping at no additional cost.” (more…)

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