5 Best Exotic Pets for a Small House

The best thing about being an exotic pet parent is that you get a tiny, quiet, clean, and polite companion. They are also great for small houses or apartment buildings, as they don’t need a large outdoor space to run and play. If you are considering settling for exotic breeds, read on as we have selected a few top choices for you. 

1. Hamsters

One of the most popular exotic pets is the hamster. Not only are they cute, but they are easy to maintain and handle since they don’t shed. They are also quiet; hence, you won’t have any problems with your neighbors. Children love them, and they take to people very fast, making them family-friendly. The more you handle them, the easier it will be to tame them. 

Image source: Juris Freidenfelds (Source: Pexels.com)

The best aspect of these animals is that they don’t need a large space to thrive. To make them more comfortable, you can provide food, water, a small cage, toys, a spinning wheel, and bedding. The wheel is vital for their exercises, and they also tend to chew and scratch their spaces; hence, the chewing toys and soft bedding.  

There are many species to choose from, depending on your preference. The most common easy-to-handle breed is the Syrian hamster. The diet usually consists of commercial pellets and other hamster-friendly healthy foods. You will also love that they are great pets even when you or your loved ones have an allergy problem. 

2. Lizards

Lizards are a great choice for reptile lovers. They may not be as social as other pets, but they make great companions, especially if you have a small space. They will hardly make a sound, and you won’t deal with fur shedding or cage scratching. In addition, these creatures are not poisonous and don’t bite, making them wonderful for handling.

There are various lizards to pick, such as leopard geckos, bearded dragons, and crested geckos. If you love colorful pets, the geckos will be right for you, particularly the striking leopard gecko. All you need is a small tank space, preferably 10-20 gallons. Unlike other reptiles, lizards don’t necessarily need UVB lighting, but they thrive at certain temperatures, depending on the species. 

Notably, some species grow into big animals and can get quite hostile during handling. The downside with reptiles is the possibility of transmitting salmonella. Therefore, they may not be the right option around kids and require you to practice thorough hygiene. 

3. Frogs

Frogs aren’t a very popular exotic pet species, but they are great for small houses or tiny spaces. They are easy maintenance and are generally laid back, requiring a small home. They are comfortable living in a 20-gallon terrarium and aren’t as demanding as other pets. You can choose your preferred species from various options, but the most popular ones are the Pacman and dwarf clawed. 

Prospective owners love that they are the easiest pets to care for as they don’t need any specialized treatment. They are also quite affordable to keep because they eat only a couple of times weekly. 

Frogs are ideal if you want a lifelong companion. Most species are known to live for as long as 15 years. The only health issue may be fungus infections; therefore, it is essential to buy your pet from a trusted store instead of capturing a wild one. Secondly, they aren’t suitable for handling since they have rather sensitive skin. Another concern is that the males can be loud but not too loud to disturb the neighbors. 

4. Roaches

Exotic pets are incredible to keep, especially when you know how to handle them. Roaches, for instance, are one of the low-maintenance pets for first-time owners. Their diet is quite simple, ranging from vegetables to meat. Consequently, you will save a lot on buying their meals. The animals live better in families, and it is wise to keep more than one in the same enclosure. 

The species that have proven to be great pets include the Madagascar hissers, Cuban, and the Indian domino cockroaches. However, the roaches’ life expectancy is relatively shorter, ranging from one to five years; thus, they aren’t perfect if you need a lifelong companion. Most importantly, before you settle on cockroaches, it is best to consult with the local authorities to acquire a permit when necessary.

5. Tarantulas

Owners living in apartments love these cute giant pets. You can place them on your home office desk in a small tank, and they will be comfortable. They don’t need large spaces or any special care. However, you may need a tall cage for them to climb when they need to. They are perfect because they are quiet and easy to maintain. 

Busy people or those living alone find them suitable since they don’t always need human company, meaning that you can go about your normal activities and leave them at home. Also, they don’t eat daily; hence, you won’t spend a lot on their food.

One disadvantage is that they are not the best pets to handle unless you are extra cautious. You can hurt them or get a sting when you handle them roughly. They can also escape when you leave the terrarium open. It is also not ideal for them to be around people who are scared of spiders or kids who don’t know how to hold them properly.

In Conclusion

Exotic pets are one of the best to keep, especially if you have a small house or live in an apartment because all they need is a tank. In addition, they don’t require regular exercises and are very quiet; hence, won’t bother your neighbors. These species will work for you if are usually busy and on a budget since they don’t require too much attention and they don’t have to eat every day.

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