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Maximize Social Media Traffic to Your Site Making it a Rich Source

You can turn your social media channels into a rich source of gaining additional user traffic most effectively, provided you know the exact ways to do it. Social media, in fact, is a good platform to generate referral traffic as it is found through different studies. A few of the facts regarding social media include: (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – Google’s ‘crooked’ plan in Clinton’s ‘crooked’ election campaign

Leaked Podesta emails from Wikileaks show Google’s all-the-way possible engagement in Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Already in 2014 Google’s parent company Alphabet Chairman Dr. Eric Schmidt sent the Clinton team a draft outlining key programmes for the campaign. (more…)

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Where is my Tom & Jerry?

Yahoo is unlucky. Even the smartest and youngest CEO and a Google veteran Marissa Mayer could not save it. She was hired in 2012 with the sole purpose to bring Yahoo to a powerful position to compete with the search giant Google and social media Facebook. But far away from achieving any success, the company is now on its way to ‘non-existence’. The ‘doomsday’ just arrived. Yesterday telephone company Verizon acquired Yahoo’s operating business for approximately $4.83 billion in cash. (more…)

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Forscher der Universität Kassel wollen Autos das Kooperieren beibringen

Der Verkehr der Zukunft wird maßgeblich von autonomen Fahrzeugen geprägt – ob Deutschland hier mit der Entwicklung auch im globalen Vergleich Schritt hält, entscheidet sich in den kommenden Jahren. Die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft hat daher ein breit angelegtes Schwerpunktprogramm aufgelegt, an dem die Universität Kassel sich gleich mit zwei Forschungsgruppen beteiligt. (more…)

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There is still quite a bit of interest in cloud services, and still no small demand for them. Due to this, there’s been a rush by all manner of service providers, both old and new, to provide cloud offerings to hungry customers. Indeed, of the roughly 20,000 North American service providers, just about 20 percent of these offer cloud services at this time, and this number is expected to grow sharply over the next few years. Yet at the same time, there will be a lot of attrition among these providers, if only because many of these organizations are only regional in nature, and offer only a small array of products — most of them just one or two.

At least that’s what Ashar Baig, a research director at Gigaom predicts. He provided his view on the near future and the recent past of cloud services at the recent ITEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. (more…)

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Meine Daten, deine Daten?

Heute schon gegoogelt? Wenn wir uns im Netz bewegen, hinterlassen wir permanent Spuren. IP-Adressen, E-Mail-Daten, Informationen zu Suchanfragen. Doch was kann man mit diesen Daten anfangen und warum ist es Zeit für einen Aufstand gegen die Datensammler? Außerdem in der Presseschau: Neues von der NSA und warum das Internet, wie wir es kennen, bald der Vergangenheit angehören könnte.

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