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The crazy Dr. Stein

You got it wrong, it’s not about the great scientist Albert Einstein, it’s about Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate ‘crazy Dr. Jill Stein’, who is now initiating vote recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan, with the hope Hillary Clinton will come out as winner and this ‘crazy Dr. Stein’ will be awarded with all the credits! (more…)

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Who’s spreading ‘Hate’? Donald Trump? – No. It’s the Hillary supporters!

Soon after Donald Trump’s victory, protests started on streets in many US cities and on internet against a democratically elected man. It’s unbelievable. But it’s the true face of Hillary Clinton and her supporters. They still can’t accept the results. (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – Google’s ‘crooked’ plan in Clinton’s ‘crooked’ election campaign

Leaked Podesta emails from Wikileaks show Google’s all-the-way possible engagement in Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Already in 2014 Google’s parent company Alphabet Chairman Dr. Eric Schmidt sent the Clinton team a draft outlining key programmes for the campaign. (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – Latest: FBI is re-opening Hillary Clinton’s Email investigation

FBI has reopened investigation on Hillary Clinton’s emails.

US House of Representatives Judiciary Committe Chairman Bob Goodlatte today made a clear statement that Clinton’s use of private email server to send and receive classified information is wrongdoing and clearly jeopardized national security. (more…)

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