The Election Basar 2016 – Google’s ‘crooked’ plan in Clinton’s ‘crooked’ election campaign

Leaked Podesta emails from Wikileaks show Google’s all-the-way possible engagement in Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Already in 2014 Google’s parent company Alphabet Chairman Dr. Eric Schmidt sent the Clinton team a draft outlining key programmes for the campaign.

If you go through Schmidt’s email to Clinton’s aide Cheryl Mills, you will be horrified to learn how the future election campaigns and other national and international issues will be planned and controlled by Silicon valley’s top tech companies. Their direct engagement with the government go beyond any measurable depths of usual ‘business interest’.

Let’s look at some of the key outlines of Eric Schmidt’s plan:

– „Lets assume a total budget of about $1.5Billion, with more than 5000 paid employees and million(s) of volunteers.“

– „The campaign headquarters will have about a thousand people, mostly young and hardworking and enthusiastic. Its important to have a very large hiring pool (such as Chicago or NYC) from which to choose enthusiastic, smart and low paid permanent employees.“

– „The key is a large population of talented people who are dying to work for you.“

So, the predator is looking for hardworking, enthusiastic and ‘dying to work for you’ but low paid young people (employees) and millions of volunteers (unpaid). And when the game is over throw this ‘cheap’ workforce in the dustbin. For the next election, there will be a ‘new super plan’. Right?

Spying on potential voters. Spying device: Smart phones

Schmidt’s plan to spy on voters:

– „In 2016 smart phones will be used to identify, meet, and update profiles on the voter. A dynamic volunteer can easily speak with a voter and, with their email or other digital handle, get the voter videos and other answers to areas they care about.“

So Google will gather as much as possible information about voters by collectiong data from user’s smart phone. Based on the analysed data, cmapaign volunteers will comminicate with voters. As the campaign volunteers have plenty of information beforehand (about voters behaviour) they will make a convincing interaction in fileds.

‘Find a way to do polling online and not on phones.’

Very interesting points here, Schmidt says:

Quite a bit of software is to be developed to match digital identities with the actual voter file with high confidence.“

Let’s read further:

In the case where we can’t identify the specific human, we can still have a partial digital voter id, for a person or “probable-person” with attributes that we can identify and use to target. As they respond we can eventually match to a registered voter in the main file. This digital key is eventually matched to a real person.“

Does it tell anything about how digitally elections will be ‘rigged’ in the near future – unbelievable! Donald Trump is warning us for months on a ‘rigged election’.

As we are living more and more in digital worlds, in future, it will be very easy even to steal your digital identity and cast the vote on your behalf. Is that why Schmidt is proposing to Find a way to do polling online and not on phones’?

The ‘dirty’ Schmidt.


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