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The Election Basar 2016 – Google’s ‘crooked’ plan in Clinton’s ‘crooked’ election campaign

Leaked Podesta emails from Wikileaks show Google’s all-the-way possible engagement in Hillary Clinton’s election campaign. Already in 2014 Google’s parent company Alphabet Chairman Dr. Eric Schmidt sent the Clinton team a draft outlining key programmes for the campaign. (more…)

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Herzbluten und Angstneurosen

Seit dieser Woche bluten die Herzen des Internets. Welche Konsequenzen hat der Heartbleed-Bug? Gegen die Käfer des Datendiebstahls und der Überwachung setzt sich ein neues Bündnis für digitale Grundrechte ein. Und ganz Deutschland diskutiert über die Angstneurosen deutscher Manager. Neugierig geworden? Dann lesen Sie gerne unsere Digitale Presseschau.

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SOI Collaborating With WHOI On Construction of World’s Most Advanced Deep-diving Robotic Vehicle

Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI) has begun working with the Deep Submergence Laboratory at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) to design and build the world’s most advanced robotic undersea research vehicle for use on SOI’s ship Falkor. The new vehicle will be capable of operating in the deepest known trenches on the planet, including the nearly 11,000-meter-deep Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench. The design will capitalize on lessons learned from past WHOI vehicle designs, as well as advanced technologies developed for DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, the submersible and science platform that explorer and director James Cameron piloted to Challenger Deep in 2012 and donated to WHOI in 2013.

On Sunday, December 8th, Victor Zykov, SOI’s director of research, will publicly discuss the project for the first time at a University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System’s (UNOLS) Deep Submergence Science Committee meeting in San Francisco. (more…)

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‘Hackathon’ teaches Chicago high school students the social power of Big Data

Like urban bike-sharing programs everywhere, Chicago’s Divvy must contend with a key problem: due to commuting patterns, some bike stations empty out fast while others fill up quickly, leaving no space for more drop-offs.

But such urban problems can be addressed with socially minded computer science, as a group of 50 Chicago high school students learned recently during a daylong conference at the University of Chicago. (more…)

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Google, Intel Founders Support Undersea Research by UMass Amherst Microbiologist

AMHERST, Mass. – When microbiologist James Holden of the University of Massachusetts Amherst launches new studies next month of the microbes living deep in the cracks and thermal vents around an undersea volcano, for the first time in his 25-year career his deep-sea research will not be funded by a government source.

Instead, Holden will be funded by philanthropists committed to supporting oceanographic research: The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation started by the co-founder of Intel and his wife, and the Schmidt Ocean Institute (SOI), started by Eric Schmidt of Google and his wife, Wendy. The Moores’ foundation is dedicated to advancing environmental conservation and scientific research, while the SOI supports oceanographic research projects that “help expand the understanding of the world’s oceans through technological advancements, intelligent observation and analysis, and open sharing of information.”  (more…)

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