“Happy New Year 2010!!!”

Well, soon we are heading into the New Year 2010. Great numbers!!!

Before thinking about what we can achieve in 2010, let’s have a look back at 2009. We still have some time. 🙂

Tale 1. Some of the biggest events of the year include Illinois’s Senator Barack Obama’s being elected as the first Black President of the United States. It’s of course a breakthrough in history, as time has taken wider and more diverse road towards a mixed world of multi-culture. However, it took us with surprise when the Nobel Committee announced Obama as the Peace Prize Winner for 2009 on October 9. It was not expected, at least so early.

May be, it’s the resultant of our anger over war – we the ‘Humankind’ are extremely unwilling to shed the blood of our brethren in this 21st Century. We would like to see people of all religions and race are living in peace and harmony, and at the same time ‘humanity’ is moving steadily and positively to build a strong and robust civilization on this ‘Blue Planet’. Not to forget, we still have to fight poverty, diseases, and illiteracy.

So the message of the Nobel Prize is clear to the 44th U.S. President, “We don’t want war any more, no blood. We had enough”. Let’s hope a ‘peace-friendly’ White House for the coming years.

Tale 2. We have lost “Michael Jackson” – “King of Pop”. Michael died on June 25. World was stunned as we had never thought of any happening of his leaving us so suddenly. The singer died too early. He was just 50 years old. We pray for his departed soul – ‘Rest in peace, Michael’.

We have lost Ted Kennedy, and very recently the 32 years old Brittany Murphy. Peace upon their souls and on our beloved ones whom we have lost.

Tale 3. ‘Swine flu’ or ‘H1N1 flu’ caused panic world-wide. And WHO (World Health Organization) says about 11,516 people have died of the disease around the globe.

Tale 4. Economic crisis remained ‘so-la-la’, with new input from Dubai.

Tale 5. Although ‘Tiger Woods’ is maintaining a low-public profile, but stories about him are surfacing on media regularly. Whatever it is, if ‘Tiger’ suddenly stops talking to people, more mysteries will shroud the facts, because these are not the tales of ordinary folks, it’s all about a ‘Tiger’ and his ‘Wood’.

So now let’s think of our “New Year – 2010”. It’s a wonderful number, isn’t it? May be we will have lots of good luck this year.

What these could be:

New Tale 1. We will hear astonishing new discoveries from U.S. Space Agency NASA, either it’s about new planets, galaxies or even new civilizations. May be NASA will tell us more on what its satellites have discovered in the infinity. Let’s prepare ourselves for some exciting news that will thrill us deeply.

New Tale 2. May be scientists will make ‘solid breakthrough’ for dieses like HIV, not only to stop its spreading but curing the infected ones. The same can happen for brain, prostate or breast cancers, and for other diseases as well. Let’s think solemnly to hear some good news.

New Tale 3. And no more war. We would like to see a ‘war-free 2010’.

New Tale 4. We would like to see the economic crisis getting out of our life, and we have some fresh breath.

New Tale 5. And what about the tech world: somewhere in 2010, Facebook will reach its 500th-million user, crossing the half-a-billion line. Good fight with Google.Microsoft will come up with many new and effective innovations in pursuit of its dominance in pc business and internet. Google will face hard challenges. Unless any miracle happens, Yahoo! will be losing its share in internet.

May be there will come a time, when more people will be visiting Wikipedia than Yahoo! By the way, we will (again) see Jimmy Wales’s personal appeal to get some financial support to run Wikipedia.

Most probably Google’s dominance and Yahoo!’s disappearance lies in one fact: the difference between Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt and Yahoo!’s Mrs. Carol Bartz is that, Mr. Schmidt is a ‘passionate’ man for tech-stuffs, while Mrs. Bartz is just doing her job. It’s a huge difference. Nevertheless, let’s hope good for Yahoo! in 2010.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer has a strong will-power. ‘Bing’ is the best example. That’s just great!!!

So now let’s stop thinking so much..

Let us wish our visitors a “Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year 2010!!!”.

Have fun in 2010, and keep smiling (it’s very healthy). 🙂


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