The Time Machine

Ok, let us first define: what’s a time machine!!

A time machine is a very sophisticated, super-advanced tech-savvy vehicle, where a person can sit comfortably (and even allowed to take two or more companions) towards his journey to known uncertainty.

‘Known uncertainty’ means, the man sitting in the driving wheel knows very well where he or she would like to travel back and forth, but,………..there’s a ‘but’ – somehow some kind of uncertainty remains even if it’s infinitesimal small (let’s calculate 0.00000000001% uncertainty here).

Then (inside the time machine), there are several buttons, if you press the ‘red’ button it takes you back in the past, while if you press the ‘green’ button you simply travel into the future. And of course there are other multi-functions, like, how far would you like to go (in the past or into the future). You have those ‘options’ and you just select what your mind tells you.

Usefulness of a ‘Time Machine’

Now a time machine can serve different purposes for different professionals. For example, if you are a fortune-teller, then of course you can use the time machine to know the past and the future of your clients provided that your clients have no time or not (at all) interested about time machine stuffs. Then it’s a super bonanza for you.

For politicians, who would like to take all opportunities to shake the popularity of their opponents by telling public the ‘dirty past’ of their ‘targets’.

Or, for someone who has plenty of time and no idea to do anything rather fancying, time machine can be a great tool for him to keep himself busy. It’s better to do something rather than being idle, as we know that ‘an idle brain is devil’s workshop’. So for this type of person, time machine could be a ‘blessing’ from heaven. And if this person gets lots in the past or into the future (while roaming around the ‘time’) and never returns to the ‘present’, then it’s even more blessings for the society. So kindly note the positive role of time machine here.

Sir Isaac Newton’s apple

Well, we all know the story of that ‘apple’ that fell on earth and inspired Sir Isaac Newton to formulate his ‘theory of gravitation’. The historic event took place somewhere in 1666, but the exact time and date is yet to unearth. However, your time machine can solve this long-awaited issue that overwhelmed us over the last hundred years. You can simply travel back and get the exact time of that apple ‘falling’ on earth. By the way, once you know the ‘timing’, don’t forget to make a note in Wikipedia. 🙂

The speed factor

It’s not your car that will be driving 200 km/h, it’s your time machine. It should be travelling with a speed like yr/h or per min. You will also need some time at hand from your ‘present’. Let’s say you have a lazy afternoon: you opened the holy room where your time machine is stationed, and you wanted to spend only one hour from 15:00 to 16:00. After that you would like to meet some friends in the local Café to tell them your latest adventures.

However, how far will you master the ‘time’ depends on the technical advancement of that ‘Era’. May be the machine can take you only 10 years/h in the past or into the future. That means you are at the early time of time machine’s innovations – that’s renaissance. But if it would be very advance, then you might be travelling at 1000 years/h or even more. But don’t forget to get Sir Isaac Newton and his apple on your way.

Now the most important point: at which speed your time machine should be travelling, your doctor will decide about it. Because he knows your pressure very well. ‘Pressure’ means high pressure, low pressure, medium pressure, no pressure etc. etc. You will be luckier if you are in the category of ‘no pressure’. In that case you have open choice to switch to the maximum speed limit.

However, every time you sit in your time machine, don’t forget to pray. It’s better.

First pray, and then press your favorite button – either ‘past’ or ‘future’. 🙂

Acknowledgement: At this very moment, we would like to pay special tribute to H.G.Wells – the ‘Father of Time Machine’, who first injected the idea of that ‘wonderful machine’ into our mind.

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