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President Trump should do something about Julian Assange

During 2016 presidential election, it was Wikileaks that exposed the media mafia working against the then candidate Mr. Donald Trump. Wikileaks also published Hillary Clinton emails, revealing intrigue, corruption, Clinton Foundations questionalble donations. These all helped the public sentiment to shift to elect Mr. Trump to White House. (more…)

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Sometimes the Vatican thinks like a politician

The leaked US diplomatic cables from Wikileaks points to Vatican’s political mind. The cables reveal Pope John Paul II’s dream of a Christian Europe. The Pope and his Ministry were hopeful the introduction of Euro as a common currency in the European Union would help to realize that dream. (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – New form of bribery – ‘paid speeches’

Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches – a ‘secret’? – not any more. But how much she was paid for each speech?

According to The Guardian – ‘her minimum fee was $225,000 per speech’ and her hosts make a long list of banks, securities firms and other financial institutions. (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – Lustful Trump and Corrupt Hillary & Co.

Donald trump is an ‘extrovert’ (from the very beginning) who would love to boast of everything – achieved and enjoyed (in life). That’s the case with current video leak where he proudfully narrated one of his ‘trial and (now) error’ encounters with a prominent media personality. This happened as Mr. Trump is ‘automatically attracted’ to beautiful women. He admits it and apologised. By the way it was in 2005 – a younger Trump was very ‘hot’. (more…)

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