President Trump should do something about Julian Assange

During 2016 presidential election, it was Wikileaks that exposed the media mafia working against the then candidate Mr. Donald Trump. Wikileaks also published Hillary Clinton emails, revealing intrigue, corruption, Clinton Foundations questionalble donations. These all helped the public sentiment to shift to elect Mr. Trump to White House.

Any sovereign country keeps the right to protect its military from any vulnerabilities. But when the US illegally invaded Afghanistan and Iraq without any UN mandate, it was a clear violation of international laws at the first place. Afterwards the atrocities carried out by parts of the US Army Units that came to light through Wikileaks, shocked the world to beyond any expressions.

As a result, now any world power like the USA or UK would take it with highest care to avoid such war atrocities in those poor and third world countries they would invade again. This would save many innocent lives. It’s a great achievement Julian made through Wikileaks creating huge pressure for more transperancy.

All these years Julian sacrificed his ‘freedom’ for the freedom of humanity. Now it’s our turn to give him his freedom back.

President Trump ‘knows everything’ about Wikileaks and Julian Assange. As a businessman you may always count on profit but as a statesman you would have to take some decisions of your own. It’s not the time to ‘sideline’ it for the attorney general or Justice Department. It’s time to say „Yes we know Mr. Assange together with Chelsea Manning hacked Army Intelligence documents, we admit our faults in the wars and we correct them. We forvgive Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. They are free humans again from now on.“

Be part of a great, sweet and loving memory Mr. President.

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