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The Election Basar 2016 – New form of bribery – ‘paid speeches’

Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches – a ‘secret’? – not any more. But how much she was paid for each speech?

According to The Guardian – ‘her minimum fee was $225,000 per speech’ and her hosts make a long list of banks, securities firms and other financial institutions. (more…)

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The Election Basar 2016 – Lustful Trump and Corrupt Hillary & Co.

Donald trump is an ‘extrovert’ (from the very beginning) who would love to boast of everything – achieved and enjoyed (in life). That’s the case with current video leak where he proudfully narrated one of his ‘trial and (now) error’ encounters with a prominent media personality. This happened as Mr. Trump is ‘automatically attracted’ to beautiful women. He admits it and apologised. By the way it was in 2005 – a younger Trump was very ‘hot’. (more…)

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Technology in the Classroom

UD students use iPads to study the presidential election

Ralph Begleiter and Paul Brewer, professors in the University of Delaware’s Department of Communication, wanted to see if students enrolled in their Road to the Presidency class would pay more attention to the presidential election if media were at their fingertips 24/7. Through a UD Information Technologies (IT) Transformation Grant, iPads were distributed to students enrolled in the course.

“There is something about a student laying their finger on the iPad and discovering what event occurred to make a jump in public opinion popularity occur. It’s that interactivity that makes it a personal experience for the student,” Begleiter observed. (more…)

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Job Market Sluggish for College Grads

EAST LANSING, Mich. — The job market for new college graduates, hampered by a lackluster economy and political uncertainty, will increase at a sluggish 3 percent this academic year, predicts Michigan State University’s annual Recruiting Trends report.

“Despite the college labor market growing at about the same modest pace as last year, the feeling is different,” said report author Phil Gardner. “I do not see as much confidence among the nation’s employers going into the second half of the 2012-13 academic year.” (more…)

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The Fed and Interest Rates: Biased Toward the GOP?

ANN ARBOR — With the elections less than a week away, it’s worth considering that the party of the president influences the policy behavior of the Federal Reserve Bank, according to a new University of Michigan study.

The Federal Reserve Bank increases interest rates before the presidential elections when Democrats are in office, but lowers the rates when Republicans control the White House. The independent bank finds it easier to accomplish its policy goals when Republicans control the White House than when Democrats do, the researchers say. (more…)

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Browser Plug-in Helps People Balance Their Political News Reading Habits

As the U.S. presidential election approaches, many voters become voracious consumers of online political news. A tool by a University of Washington researcher tracks whether all those articles really provide a balanced view of the debate – and, if not, suggests some sites that offer opinions from the other side of the political spectrum.

Balancer, a free plug-in for Google’s Chrome browser, was developed this summer by Sean Munson, a new UW assistant professor of Human Centered Design and Engineering. The tool analyzes a person’s online reading habits for a month and calculates the political bias in that behavior. It then suggests sites that represent a different point of view and continues to monitor reading behavior and offer feedback. (more…)

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Putin Wins in Landslide Victory, Opposition Surrenders

Sitting Prime Minister Vladimir Putin won the presidential election in Russia. He received the votes from 63.82 percent of electors, who took part in the voting on March 4th. Gennady Zyuganov, the head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, comes second with 17.18 percent. Ninety-nine percent of ballot papers have been processed so far.

Mikhail Prokhorov takes the third place with 7.77 percent. Vladimir Zhirinovsky comes next with 6.23 percent. Sergei Mironov comes last with only 3.84 percent. (more…)

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