The Election Basar 2016 – Lustful Trump and Corrupt Hillary & Co.

Donald trump is an ‘extrovert’ (from the very beginning) who would love to boast of everything – achieved and enjoyed (in life). That’s the case with current video leak where he proudfully narrated one of his ‘trial and (now) error’ encounters with a prominent media personality. This happened as Mr. Trump is ‘automatically attracted’ to beautiful women. He admits it and apologised. By the way it was in 2005 – a younger Trump was very ‘hot’.

However, Trump’s video leaked at a time when Wikileaks released Hillary Clinton’s email. What a conincidence?

Leaked emails made it clear how banks, industry giants can pay Mrs. Clinton to talk and work in their favour. And what a pity? A top, highest level politician serving leading position in the government can be bought so easily. Hillary Clinton is oversaturated with corruption and if elected, will only serve for the paid ones. Commercialization of the presidency is only few steps away. There can’t be anything worse than this.


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