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Banken bleiben wichtige Partner für Unternehmen

Wirtschaftswissenschaftler der Universität Tübingen untersuchen anhand der US-amerikanischen Marihuana-Industrie, wie wertvoll Transaktionsservices und Kredite von Banken für junge Unternehmen sind

Banken haben für junge Unternehmen immer noch eine hohe Bedeutung und sind nicht vollständig durch alternative Finanzdienstleistungen, sogenannte FinTechs wie Crowdfunding oder Online-Bezahldienste, ersetzbar. Zu diesem Schluss kommen Professor Jan Riepe und Markus Merz von der Universität Tübingen in einer jüngst veröffentlichten Studie. (more…)

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Duterte, a new ‘Rebellion’ on the Horizon?

Russias coming back, Chinas emerging military power, North Koreas successful nuke and missile tests, Irans clear establishment as regional power, – US has enough, more than enough (headache). And now Duterte, Philippines new President, who called Obama ‘son of a bitch’ just before the beginning of the ASEAN Summit early September, a new ‘mind’ (may be a power) in the row. (more…)

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Soon to become a minority in the U.S., whites express declining support for diversity, UCLA psychology study finds

White Americans may view diversity and multiculturalism more negatively as the U.S. moves toward becoming a minority-majority nation, UCLA psychologists report.

As part of their study, the researchers divided 98 white Americans from all regions of the country — half male, half female, with an average age of 37 — randomly into two groups. One group was told that whites will no longer be the majority in the U.S. by 2050; in fact, this is likely to be true as soon as 2043, according to some projections. The second group was told that whites would retain their majority status in the U.S. through at least 2050. All participants were then asked a series of questions about their views on diversity. (more…)

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U.S. should pursue three-pronged strategy in Iraq

ANN ARBOR — U.S. efforts to combat terrorism in Iraq and help Iraqis maintain the territorial integrity of their embattled country need to follow three approaches, according to a University of Michigan expert on politics and values in the Middle East. (more…)

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Salamanders Help Predict Health of Ecosystems on U.S. Golf Courses, MU Researchers Find

Study finds that improved turf management techniques help golf course ecosystems succeed.

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Currently, there are more than 18,300 golf courses in the U.S. covering over 2.7 million acres. The ecological impacts of golf courses are not always straightforward with popular opinion suggesting that environmentally, golf courses have a negative impact on ecosystems. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri have determined that golf courses can offer a viable habitat for stream salamanders, and enhanced management practices may be beneficial to ecosystems within golf courses. (more…)

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Analysis: 32 years of U.S. filicide arrests

Over the last three decades U.S. parents have committed filicide — the killing of one’s child — about 3,000 times every year. The horrifying instances are often poorly understood, but a recent study provides the first comprehensive statistical overview of the tragic phenomenon. The authors also suggest underlying hypotheses of motives with the hope of spurring research on filicide prevention.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — Instances in which parents kill their children may seem so horrifying and tragic that they defy explanation. Published scientific and medical research, meanwhile, doesn’t offer much epidemiological context to help people understand patterns among such heinous crimes. A paper in the March edition of the journal Forensic Science International provides the first comprehensive statistical analysis of filicide in the United States, drawing on 32 years of data on more than 94,000 arrests. The study also explores possible underlying psychiatric and biological underpinnings of filicide. (more…)

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Methane leaks in the US are undercounted, new study shows

ANN ARBOR — About 50 percent more of the greenhouse gas methane has been seeping into the atmosphere than previously thought, according to far-reaching findings that synthesize two decades’ worth of methane studies in North America.

Methane is the main ingredient in natural gas. (more…)

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