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Chinesische Fluten überschwemmen die US-Wirtschaft: Klimaschäden und Handelsketten

Weltweit könnten zunehmende Fluss-Überschwemmungen zu regionalen Produktionsausfällen führen, verursacht durch die globale Erwärmung. Das würde nicht nur lokale Volkswirtschaften in der ganzen Welt beeinträchtigen – die Auswirkungen würden sich weiter durch das globale Handels- und Liefernetzwerk ausbreiten, wie eine jetzt in Nature Climate Change veröffentlichte Studie zeigt. (more…)

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China’s out of control ‘silent killer’ affects one-third of adults

More than one-third of adults in China have high blood pressure — often dubbed the “silent killer” for its lack of symptoms — but only about one in 20 have the condition under control. These findings are published Oct. 25 in the Lancet’s special issue on China by researchers at Yale and the Chinese National Center for Cardiovascular Disease. (more…)

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UMD-led Study Indicates India Is Replacing China as World’s Top Source of Sulfur Dioxide Air Pollution

COLLEGE PARK, Md.  – A new University of Maryland-led study finds that China’s sulfur dioxide emissions have fallen by 75 percent since 2007, while India’s emissions increased by 50 percent. The results suggest that India is becoming, if it is not already, the world’s top emitter of sulfur dioxide, an air pollutant that causes acid rain, haze and many health-related problems. It is produced predominantly when coal is burned to generate electricity. (more…)

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Walmart, JD.com, IBM and Tsinghua University Launch a Blockchain Food Safety Alliance in China

Collaboration to apply blockchain technology for food traceability to support offline and online consumers

BEIJING – 14 Dec 2017: Walmart (NYSE: WMT), JD.com (NASDAQ: JD), IBM (NYSE: IBM), and Tsinghua University National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce Technologies announced today they will work together in a Blockchain Food Safety Alliance that will kick off with a collaboration designed to enhance food tracking, traceability and safety in China,  to achieve greater transparency across the food supply chain. (more…)

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Walmart, IBM and Tsinghua University Explore the Use of Blockchain to Help Bring Safer Food to Dinner Tables Across China

Global retailer joins pilot project with academics and technology experts to showcase leadership in food traceability efforts

BEIJING – 19 Oct 2016: As Walmart opened its new Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing today, IBM, Walmart and Tsinghua University announced a collaboration to improve the way food is tracked, transported and sold to consumers across China. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology designed to generate transparency and efficiency in supply chain record-keeping, this work aims to help enhance the safety of food on the tables of Chinese consumers. (more…)

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