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Duterte, a new ‘Rebellion’ on the Horizon?

Russias coming back, Chinas emerging military power, North Koreas successful nuke and missile tests, Irans clear establishment as regional power, – US has enough, more than enough (headache). And now Duterte, Philippines new President, who called Obama ‘son of a bitch’ just before the beginning of the ASEAN Summit early September, a new ‘mind’ (may be a power) in the row. (more…)

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What is Going to Happen to Cuba After Fidel?

In the coming days a historic event can happen in Cuba. The leader of the revolution, 84-year-old Fidel Castro is likely to leave the last of his posts as the leader of the Communist Party of Cuba.

According to a source in the Cuban party elite, the organization will be headed by the 79-year-old brother of the Comandante Raul Castro. So far, he served as the second secretary of the party. It is assumed that the legal registration of the changes in the party leadership will occur in April. At the same time it is not clear who will be the second secretary in place of Raul. There are no candidates among the relatives of the legendary brothers. (more…)

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Hugo Chavez: Nuclear Blackmailer in American Backyard

It seems that the United States has yet another problem: Venezuelan nuclear program may be added to the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs in the near future. The announcement was made the other day by “fierce” Hugo Chavez. Expert Vladimir Khrustalev spoke of the reasons of such intentions and the prospects of a nuclear project in Venezuela with Pravda.ru. (more…)

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Indonesia, Brazil and Venezuela Lead Global Surge in Twitter Usage

*Global Audience to Twitter.com Doubles in Past Year, as Latin American Audience Grows Fourfold* 

Reston, VA – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, on Aug 11. released a report on Twitter.com growth worldwide. The study found that in June, nearly 93 million Internet users visited Twitter.com, an increase of 109 percent from the previous year, as the social networking site achieved strong gains across all global regions. Indonesia reported the highest penetration, with 20.8 percent of Internet users in the country visiting Twitter.com that month, followed by Brazil and Venezuela, with Venezuela’s growth fueled in large part by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s decision to join Twitter in late April.


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