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Tai Chi Helps Prevent Falls and Improves Mental Health in Elderly

Tai Chi helps reduce the risk of falls in the elderly, and improves mental health, is what a new study shows. However, practicing the ancient Chinese art does not help to ease the symptoms of cancer or rheumatoid arthritis.

The information is from the research of a team that analyzed 35 reviews of studies evaluating the effects of Tai Chi on health.

The databases reviewed were British, Chinese and Korean that assessed the impact of Tai Chi on various diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, cancer, osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s, musculoskeletal pain, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. (more…)

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Some Russians Still Live in The USSR

The Soviet passport stopped its existence seven years ago. Nevertheless, about 5,000 residents of the city of Sverdlovsk live in a non-existent country. They refuse to exchange their ID for a Russian passport. What is the reason behind such absurd situations? Do those people feel nostalgic about the erstwhile superpower or are they stuck-in-the-mud kind of people? What can be done about such citizens who can not even be referred to as citizens?

A local news agency says that many of those “Soviet passport people” ask officers of migration services to glue in new photos in their invalid passports. Some others decide not to exchange their Soviet passports for Russian ones in order not to pay the state duty of 1,000 rubles ($30). There are people who say that the new passport insults their religious feelings. (more…)

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What Women Want in Bed?

What is really important for women in bed? Not only men but also scientists have been looking for an answer to this question. There is a multitude of different opinions from both sexes. The authors of a new book, famous American neuroscientists, argue that the mechanism of the sexual desire in women and men differs greatly.

In a recent U.S. book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, famous scientists, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam argue that the female brain is much more complex than that of a male when it comes to the choice of a sexual partner. For their findings, they used statistical data from billions of queries related to sex from Dogpile search engine that combines search results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, their own experience in sexuality and psychology, as well as the latest scientific evidence about differences in brain activity in men and women. (more…)

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Alina Kabaeva Rules Russia’s Politics

No matter what evil tongues may say, a fact remains a fact. Alina Kabaeva bid farewell to her ribbons, hula-hoops and Indian clubs to conquer politics. Her achievements in politics continue to grow at an impressive pace. For example, Kabaeva, formerly one of world’s most prominent rhythmical gymnasts, has recently been listed as one of world’s sexiest women in politics.

The idea to make the list of most attractive women in politics belongs to US-based journalist Eric Golub. The journalist made a curious list indeed. He did not rate the members of his list from the point of view of their physical attraction. Mr. Golub divided them into three groups: centrist, leftist and rightist female politicians. As a result, 30 women from different countries of the world found themselves in Mr. Golub’s melting pot. (more…)

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UFO for American Presidents

Many U.S. presidents during their terms were seriously interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence issues, and some of them even had a chance to make contact with aliens. We turn to the recently declassified archives of ufology. Let’s start with 1948, when President Harry S. Truman summoned his Assistant Robert Landry to the Oval Office.

Truman gave him the order to make reports every three months on the flying saucers observed over the country. Once, Truman asked to investigate the case of the appearance of mysterious object over Washington that he observed through his window. (more…)

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Non-Ionizing Radiation From Cell Phones May Cause Cancer

A branch of the World Health Organization announced Tuesday cell phones are “possible carcinogens” — a statement that was met with skepticism from many American cancer experts.

The statement came from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which convened 30 international experts in Lyon, France, this past week to sort through data on cell phone safety, reports Lancaster Eagle Gazette. (more…)

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Japanese Officials Unveil Important Information They Concealed For a Month

Japanese officials struggled through the day on Tuesday to explain why it had taken them a month to disclose large-scale releases of radioactive material in mid-March at a crippled nuclear power plant, as the government and an electric utility disagreed on the extent of continuing problems there.

The government announced Tuesday morning that it had raised its rating of the severity of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to 7, the worst on an international scale, from 5. Officials said that the reactor had released one-tenth as much radioactive material as the Chernobyl accident in 1986, but still qualified as a 7 according to a complex formula devised by the International Atomic Energy Agency, according to New York Times. (more…)

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Gypsies: The Mystical Tribe

The International Roma, (Gypsy) Day was founded at the first World Gypsy Congress, which took place in London on April 8, 1971. The congress gathered representatives from 30 countries. The national symbols of the gypsies – the flag and the anthem – were approved at the congress. The gypsies of the whole world became one single nation.

There are six basic branches of gypsies in the world today: three western and three eastern branches. Roma, Sinti and Iberian gypsies are referred to the Western branch. The eastern group includes the Lom, the Dom and the Lyuli people. In addition, there are smaller groups of gypsies. There are several ethnographic groups of nomadic peoples in Europe. Their lifestyle is close to that of the gypsies, but their origin is different – the Irish Travellers, or the Yeniche people from Central Europe, for instance. Many specialists, who study nomadic nations, agree that the gypsy ethnos had been finally formed only by the 15th century, when the gypsies were traveling from Byzantium to Europe. (more…)

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