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Putin signs ‘anti-Magnitsky’ law

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, December 28th, signed the law, which had been passed in response to the USA’s “Magnitsky Act”. The law has been dubbed in Russia as the “Law of Dima Yakovlev” (named after the boy, who died in a hot car in the U.S.).

The full title of the law is “On measures against persons involved in violations of fundamental human rights and freedoms, rights and freedoms of citizens of the Russian Federation.” Previously, the bill was approved by the State Duma and the Federation Council. (more…)

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Putin: ‘USA’s get-out attitude to Russia unacceptable’

Russian President Vladimir Putin started his large press conference at midday, December 20th. The conference brought together more than 1,200 Russian and foreign journalists.

The head of state started with statistics. According to him, the growth of GDP in January-October of this year made up 3.7 percent. According to Vladimir Putin, this is a good result. Recession in the world economy (and in particular in the euro area) became an obstacle for reaching better results, as well as a poor harvest in Russia. Last year, more than 90 million tons of grain were collected. This year, the harvest has dropped to 74 million tons. (more…)

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Alina Kabaeva Rules Russia’s Politics

No matter what evil tongues may say, a fact remains a fact. Alina Kabaeva bid farewell to her ribbons, hula-hoops and Indian clubs to conquer politics. Her achievements in politics continue to grow at an impressive pace. For example, Kabaeva, formerly one of world’s most prominent rhythmical gymnasts, has recently been listed as one of world’s sexiest women in politics.

The idea to make the list of most attractive women in politics belongs to US-based journalist Eric Golub. The journalist made a curious list indeed. He did not rate the members of his list from the point of view of their physical attraction. Mr. Golub divided them into three groups: centrist, leftist and rightist female politicians. As a result, 30 women from different countries of the world found themselves in Mr. Golub’s melting pot. (more…)

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Will Russia Ever Say Goodbye to Lenin?

On the eve of the anniversary of Lenin’s death, State Duma deputy from United Russia said that Lenin’s body should be removed from the Red Square. He believes that the mummy of the leader has become a cult object of the new religion created by the Communists against his own will. What do religious leaders and community activists think about this?

State Duma deputy Vladimir Medinsky said that “Lenin is an extremely controversial political figure and his presence as a central figure in the necropolis in the heart of Russia is the extreme absurdity.” (more…)

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Former Spy Anna Chapman Starts Brilliant Career in Fashion and Showbiz

Anna Chapman, who was deported from the United States to Russia several months ago as a result of the spy scandal between the two countries, has started a brilliant career in the world of fashion and show business. The sexually appealing woman, who proved to be not a very good spy in one of the most humiliating operations for Russian secret services, has found a gap which she could fill perfectly. In her new activities, Russia’s probably most popular redhead is now known as “agent 90-60-90,” Italy’s La Repubblica wrote. (more…)

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