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Alina Kabaeva Rules Russia’s Politics

No matter what evil tongues may say, a fact remains a fact. Alina Kabaeva bid farewell to her ribbons, hula-hoops and Indian clubs to conquer politics. Her achievements in politics continue to grow at an impressive pace. For example, Kabaeva, formerly one of world’s most prominent rhythmical gymnasts, has recently been listed as one of world’s sexiest women in politics.

The idea to make the list of most attractive women in politics belongs to US-based journalist Eric Golub. The journalist made a curious list indeed. He did not rate the members of his list from the point of view of their physical attraction. Mr. Golub divided them into three groups: centrist, leftist and rightist female politicians. As a result, 30 women from different countries of the world found themselves in Mr. Golub’s melting pot. (more…)

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Sex, Jailbait and Sleaze Trouble for Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi and sexual affairs with seven women at once, put the Italian prime minister in the dock.
Italy’s Justice decides to put in the dock Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on charges of prostitution of juveniles. Berlusconi hosted a “sexual binge party’ with seven women, six of them Brazilian, two were minors. In s scenario narrated by a madam as cinematographic, the seven in a row have been ‘caught’ one by one by Berlusconi.  

The decision to prosecute Mr Berlusconi came from the Judge Cristina Di Censo. She decided immediately to prosecute the Prime Minister of Italy for prostitution of a young 17 year old Moroccan girl for abuse of power in a sexual scandal known as “Rubygate.”    (more…)

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Berlusconi’s Recipe for Success

Silvio Berlusconi. Image credit: Wikipedia

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a unique example of political longevity. In the country where governments are changed more often than once a year he has managed to stay afloat for twenty years. Neither corruption scandals, nor his endless love affairs hampered it. What is Berlusconi’s phenomenon and why he is a survivor?

«It is better to love girls than to be a gay», Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said recently provoking real rage of not only European sexual minorities but the Italian opposition as well. The representatives of the latter demanded to fire Don Silvio. However, the Imperator (Berlusconi’s nickname in Italy) refused. He is sure that the majority of the Italian population supports him.

It is as if scandals only raise the popularity of the politician. The last of them flared up at the end of October. The police detained a 17-year-old Moroccan girl named Rubi who was accused of stealing three thousand Euro and a gold necklace. Being questioned by police she suddenly said that she took part in sexual orgies in Berlusconi’s residence near Milan and asserted that she was intimate with Berlusconi in exchange for expensive gifts.

A few days later, the girl from North Africa was released after a telephone call from the Prime Minister’s administration. The Milan police explained that «the telephone call from the Prime Minister did not have the least influence on the release of the suspect». (more…)

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