Apology and view

U.S President Bush met his friend and allay Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi in mid June while he was on Euro Tour. However, the biography distributed by the White House at the G8 Summit in Japan, labelled Berlusconi as one of the ‘most controversial leaders’ and Italy as very corrupted country. 🙂

That’s Bush and his White House. From the beginning till the time he is going to over with his duties, Bush showed little civic respect to world politics. So marking his ‘good old friend’ Berlusconi as a corrupted leader bears no surprise. Everything is possible by Bush. May be he has a very short memory (that we don’t know). 😎

Last but not least, there was an apology issued by the White House which described the expression not the view of American President or American people. Then?? When the elected American Presidency calls it as not its view, so whose view it represented. 🙂

Source: CNN

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