Yahoo! BOSS, (no new face) but a new platform

As Yahoo! will let developers to customize its web search, developers will get the possibility to dive deep into Yahoo!’s search technology. 

This is the second approach of the Sunnyvale, California based company to more popularize its search technology development. Preceding this move, Yahoo! introduced ‘SearchMonkey’ that lets developers and site owners to customize how the searches would appear on their sites.

As the name suggests, ‘Build your Own Search Service’ (BOSS), the platform will allow ‘developers and companies to create and launch web-scale search products’. This new platform will allow the interested ones to access the entire Yahoo! Search index via an API. 

According to WebProNews, Google is currently taking more than 68% of U.S searches only, while in some other countries it has reached almost 90%. So Yahoo! hopes BOSS will engage more new brains to further develop and optimize its search results while giving versatility of Yahoo! Search across the web. Not to mention that it will strengthen its competition with the rival Google. 

Good luck with BOSS. 😐

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