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UFO for American Presidents

Many U.S. presidents during their terms were seriously interested in UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence issues, and some of them even had a chance to make contact with aliens. We turn to the recently declassified archives of ufology. Let’s start with 1948, when President Harry S. Truman summoned his Assistant Robert Landry to the Oval Office.

Truman gave him the order to make reports every three months on the flying saucers observed over the country. Once, Truman asked to investigate the case of the appearance of mysterious object over Washington that he observed through his window. (more…)

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Pentagon Accuses Soldier of Filtering Files

The Pentagon confirmed today that it could imprison the U.S. Army soldier, Bradley Manning, as the main factor in the dissemination of secret military documents related to Afghanistan.  A spokesperson from the Department of Defense explained to CNN that Manning, 22, probably accessed the IT records of the Institution and downloaded thousands of files which he then resent via mail.


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