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Remarkable Résumé: UA Student Journalist’s Career Includes CNN, New York Times

UA journalism student Amer Taleb has already had a stellar undergraduate career, working in newsrooms across the nation.

Amer Taleb‘s journalistic talent took him to Japan this summer, where he and other winners of the Roy W. Howard National Collegiate Reporting Competition toured multiple cities on a nine-day study trip. While in Hiroshima, he bought a silver keychain in the shape of a coin that was inscribed with a charge to work toward a more peaceful world. (more…)

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CNN’s Zakaria explores the future of the American Dream

“A mood of anxiety seems to pervade American society today,” according to award-winning author and journalist Fareed Zakaria ’86. 

“There is a sense in America that the future is not going to be like the past,“ he said. “So much of the energy, so much of the dynamism in the future is no longer quite as true.”  (more…)

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New book ‘Going Viral’ explores nature, impact of Internet virality

How will we of the early 21th century be remembered? By our technological innovations, social movements and many wars, to be sure.

But also by pepper-spraying campus cops, epic fails and Gangnam-style? In the fullness of time, will history remember us for — Grumpy Cat? (more…)

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Walk, Talk, Be like a Celebrity

There are many celebrity products which are in high demand in the market. Mostly the teenagers have high craze towards celebrity products. Adolescents and the teenager groups have high fascination to look like the celebrities, most importantly to look like their favorite actor/actress, or a celebrity figure in television.

Bollywood plays an important role in this aspect. The youth group has a tendency to look like Bollywood actors and actresses. They have a tendency to look like and dress like their favorite hero and heroines. They don’t mind spending their money on auction products like clothes, furnitures of the celebrities. (more…)

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Three New Species of Venomous Primate Identified by MU Researcher

Research may help protect rare primate from illegal trades

A video about the illegal trade in slow lorises.

A venomous primate with two tongues would seem safe from the pet trade, but the big-eyed, teddy-bear face of the slow loris (Nycticebus sp.) has made them a target for illegal pet poachers throughout the animal’s range in southeastern Asia and nearby islands. A University of Missouri doctoral student and her colleagues recently identified three new species of slow loris. The primates had originally been grouped with another species. Dividing the species into four distinct classes means the risk of extinction is greater than previously believed for the animals but could help efforts to protect the unusual primate. (more…)

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What Women Want in Bed?

What is really important for women in bed? Not only men but also scientists have been looking for an answer to this question. There is a multitude of different opinions from both sexes. The authors of a new book, famous American neuroscientists, argue that the mechanism of the sexual desire in women and men differs greatly.

In a recent U.S. book called A Billion Wicked Thoughts, famous scientists, neuroscientists Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam argue that the female brain is much more complex than that of a male when it comes to the choice of a sexual partner. For their findings, they used statistical data from billions of queries related to sex from Dogpile search engine that combines search results from Google, Yahoo! and Bing, their own experience in sexuality and psychology, as well as the latest scientific evidence about differences in brain activity in men and women. (more…)

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Aspiring Journalist Also Sets Her Sights on Winning A National Pageant

In the spring of last year, Yale junior Liane Membis acted on a whim and found it opened up opportunities she never before considered.

That was when she made a spontaneous decision to take part in the Miss Black and Gold pageant sponsored by the Yale-based Zeta chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. She was completely surprised when she won the runner-up distinction of Miss Gold — as well as the title of Miss Congeniality — in the contest, which celebrates the achievements of African-American women. (more…)

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