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There is still quite a bit of interest in cloud services, and still no small demand for them. Due to this, there’s been a rush by all manner of service providers, both old and new, to provide cloud offerings to hungry customers. Indeed, of the roughly 20,000 North American service providers, just about 20 percent of these offer cloud services at this time, and this number is expected to grow sharply over the next few years. Yet at the same time, there will be a lot of attrition among these providers, if only because many of these organizations are only regional in nature, and offer only a small array of products — most of them just one or two.

At least that’s what Ashar Baig, a research director at Gigaom predicts. He provided his view on the near future and the recent past of cloud services at the recent ITEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada. (more…)

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Von Thailand bis Tahiti

Neue Rekorde bei globaler Klimaschutzaktion Earth Hour / 162 Länder und 7.000 Städte rufen zum Schutz des Planeten auf

Berlin – Von Thailand bis Tahiti, vom Vatikan bis Las Vegas und von der Internationalen Raumstation bis in den Sudan – am Samstag fand die achte WWF Earth Hour unter Rekordbeteiligung statt. Um ein Zeichen für den Schutz des Planeten zu setzen, schalteten jeweils um 20.30 Uhr Ortszeit Millionen Menschen und über 7.000 Städte in insgesamt 162 Ländern die Lichter aus. Während der „Stunde der Erde“ erlosch die Beleuchtung zahlreicher symbolträchtiger Bauwerke und Orte, darunter die  Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, der Petersdom im Vatikan, der Las Vegas Strip, der Burj Khalifa in Dubai oder der Tokyo Tower in Japan. Höher als je zuvor fiel auch die Teilnahme in Deutschland aus – 160 Städte und Gemeinden folgten dem Aufruf des WWF. (more…)

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Yahoo Unveils New Products and Experiences for Smartphones, Web, Tablet and TV at CES 2014

LAS VEGAS — Today at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Yahoo! Inc. unveiled new products and media sites across smartphones, tablets and the web, as well as a new suite of advertising technology to help advertisers, publishers and partners get more return from their online advertising campaigns.

In a keynote address, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer discussed the company’s vision to make the world’s daily habits inspiring and entertaining. Yahoo executives were joined onstage by Yahoo’s new Global Anchor Katie Couric; Yahoo Tech vice president of editorial David Pogue; celebrity talent including SNL‘s Cecily Strong and Keenan Thompson; as well as John Legend, Grammy-Award-winning artist and a member of Yahoo’s 2013 On the Road tour. (more…)

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UCLA doctors test stem-cell therapy to improve blood flow in angina patients

Clinical trial evaluates treatment for patients who haven’t responded to other FDA–approved procedures

Marty Greenfield lives with crushing pain every day due to angina, a condition that is caused by an inadequate supply of blood to the heart. He has suffered a heart attack, and a coronary bypass procedure and angioplasty have provided little relief. His doctor referred him to UCLA to be considered for a heart transplant.

Dr. Jonathan Tobis, a UCLA clinical professor of cardiology, performed an angiogram and angioplasty on Greenfield, 64, but found that the patient was not a candidate for a heart transplant because his heart muscle function was still good. (more…)

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IBM, STMicroelectronics and Shaspa Advance Smarter Home Initiative

Cloud computing enhances control of “Internet of Things” in the home to help manage heating, lighting, security and more via multiple user interfaces including gestures and voice recognition

LAS VEGAS, CES – 08 Jan 2013: IBM, STMicroelectronics and Shaspa today announced a collaboration to tap cloud and mobile computing for manufacturers and service providers to provide innovative ways for consumers to manage and interact with their homes’ functions and entertainment systems using multiple user interfaces such as voice recognition and physical gestures for a smarter home.

A “smart home” brings networking functions together, creating a gateway that connects a television, computer or mobile device with smart meters, lights, appliances, plugs and sensors within the home as well as services from outside. Parks Associates forecasts that more than 8 billion devices will be connected on the home network by year-end 2015.[1] (more…)

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State-Mandated Planning, Higher Resident Wealth Linked to More Sustainable City Transportation

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Transportation practices tend to be more environmentally friendly in wealthier metropolitan areas located within states that mandate comprehensive planning, new research suggests.

The study involved an examination of 225 U.S. metropolitan areas between 1980 and 2008 to gauge how sustainable their transportation practices were and determine what kinds of socioeconomic factors appeared to influence those practices. (more…)

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‘Control-Alt-Hack’ Game Lets Players Try Their Hand at Computer Security

Do you have what it takes to be an ethical hacker? Can you step into the shoes of a professional paid to outsmart supposedly locked-down systems?

Now you can at least try, no matter what your background, with a new card game developed by University of Washington computer scientists.

Control-Alt-Hack” gives teenage and young-adult players a taste of what it means to be a computer-security professional defending against an ever-expanding range of digital threats. The game’s creators will present it this week in Las Vegas at Black Hat 2012, an annual information-security meeting. (more…)

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An EL of a Wire which is Essentially a Standard Wire

Pity the poor Neon light – for so long the king of illuminated displays, the Las Vegas favourite, the flickering indicator of all that was exciting, glamorous and sleazy. But now Neon’s time in the limelight (pardon the pun) is over – environmental concerns, expense and impracticality have all led to a reduction in the requirement for Neon’s services. But the main culprit responsible for Neon’s demise is the rise in the quality and variety of electroluminescent lighting options available. In particular, the versatility of electroluminescent (or EL) wire means that it’s now possible to create lighting designs and displays of a quality and intricacy that Neon can’t compete with.

EL wire is essentially a standard wire that is coated in phosphor and then covered in a PVC sheet. When current is passed through the wire it begins to glow, emitting light throughout 360 degrees. Because the principle behind EL wires can be applied to wires both large and small, and because wires are infinitely more pliable than glass, the applications for EL wire are limited only by budget and imagination. (more…)

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