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IBM Study Shows Data Breach Costs on the Rise; Financial Impact Felt for Years

Breaches Pose Growing Risk for Small Businesses, Costing up to 5% of Annual Revenue

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — IBM (NYSE: IBM) Security today announced the results of its annual study examining the financial impact of data breaches on organizations. According to the report, the cost of a data breach has risen 12% over the past 5 years1 and now costs $3.92 million on average. These rising expenses are representative of the multiyear financial impact of breaches, increased regulation and the complex process of resolving criminal attacks.2

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Discover Some Amazing Instagram Business Ideas for Starting Your Small Business

Instagram is certainly one of the most popular and powerful social media channels for reaching targeted audiences and Instagram comes up with immense possibilities and opportunities for presenting your products and services highlighting their uniqueness to boost their overall sales and brand image and reputation. (more…)

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Small Business: Here are some email marketing tips for you

Email marketing is a great way of connecting with your potential customers and too without spending a fortune. As a small business owner, it is but natural that you keep this strategy in mind and connect with potential people to realize the true worth. If thinking of starting a business newsletter, you can realize the true benefits of email marketing.

Below are listed some email marketing tips. Follow these and benefit. (more…)

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Small Business Owners Not Always Worried about Being Treated Fairly, MU Researcher Finds

Small retailers willing to sacrifice fairness for success

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Fairness is not always the most important priority for small retailers. In an international study, University of Missouri researchers found that some small retailers are less concerned about whether they are treated fairly by business suppliers than other factors, such as cash flow and company survival. (more…)

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Microsoft unveils game-changer for South Africa’s small businesses

Boston Consulting Group research highlights potential for technology to help drive significant revenue and job growth by SMEs.

JOHANNESBURG — Nov. 5, 2013 — Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner on Tuesday unveiled an online hub that will give South African small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) access to a range of free products and services from Microsoft and other partners.

The hub, at https://southafrica.biz4afrika.com, is specifically designed to aggregate all the best resources — both IT and non-IT — available to local SMEs. The baseline services offered are free and highly relevant for South African SMEs looking to bring their business online and improve their general competitiveness. The launch offer will provide SMEs with the opportunity to get their businesses online for free for the first year. This includes a free .co.za domain, a free website, as well as free email and collaboration tools.* (more…)

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How Does Video Conferencing Benefit a Business?

Cost control is one of the major challenges that companies face and when it’s for a small business, things come to survivability. Thus, the latest technologies and tools that promise to cut down the costs of a company is readily tested and accepted by the small business concerns. VoIP/IP telephony or online applications to make cheap/free calls are always welcome by the business owners who would like to enjoy anything doesn’t have a price tag attached to it.

There are many business owners who work with overseas clients and frequently travelling is not a very feasible option. Travelling abroad is not at all a financially viable option, if it has to be undertaken quite frequently. Phone conferences were a great way to have one-to-one meetings but it had its own downsides – they were costly and very difficult to arrange. Phone conferences often proved to be confusing and led to misunderstandings. Internet and especially after the advent of broadband, it has become really easy for medium and small-scale companies to maintain cheaper communication channels with their clients.  (more…)

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Monitoring Hurricanes: Georgia Tech Engineers Assist NASA with Instrument for Remotely Measuring Storm Intensity

A device designed by engineers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is part of the Hurricane Imaging Radiometer (HIRAD), an experimental airborne system developed by the Earth Science Office at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama.

Known as an analog beam-former, the GTRI device is part of the radiometer, which is being tested by NASA on a Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle. The radiometer measures microwave radiation emitted by the sea foam that is produced when high winds blow across ocean waves. By measuring the electromagnetic radiation, scientists can remotely assess surface wind speeds at multiple locations within the hurricanes. (more…)

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Yahoo! Small Business Launches Marketing Dashboard — A Free Offering That Changes the Way Small Businesses Manage Their Online Marketing and Reputation

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Yahoo! Small Business today announced the launch of Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard, a free tool that helps entrepreneurs discover new marketing opportunities to grow their businesses, while getting a clear picture of their marketing results, online reputations, and website performance, all in one place.

Designed specifically with the small business owner in mind, the Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard provides a clear, consolidated picture of a business’s marketing results and reputation, making it easier to discover new insights and develop new ideas for growth. The tool also enables small businesses to easily analyze website metrics and maintain accurate and comprehensive business listings across the Web. With all these key business metrics accessible in one location, small business owners with limited resources can spend more time focusing on their core businesses and less time buried in multiple interfaces and spreadsheets.

Some of the key features included in the free Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard include: (more…)

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