Discover Some Amazing Instagram Business Ideas for Starting Your Small Business

Instagram is certainly one of the most popular and powerful social media channels for reaching targeted audiences and Instagram comes up with immense possibilities and opportunities for presenting your products and services highlighting their uniqueness to boost their overall sales and brand image and reputation.

Instagram has been rapidly gaining traction and has achieved incredible success over the last few years. It has become a superlative marketing platform for retail brands. Today, it is quite possible to start your own retail business by simply opening an Instagram for Business account. You could succeed by knowing the tricks of the trade and learning Instagram marketing secrets to boost your brand.

As per, right from advertising to providing motivation and expert advice or running contests and building robust relationships with fans and followers, this versatile and vibrant social media platform could be utilized for much more than simply photo sharing. In case you are still not leveraging the full power of Instagram, these smart business ideas could boost your customer base along with your ROI. Here are some effective business ideas that could help you dominate the Instagram circuit.

Consider Building Up and Selling Instagram Accounts

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You could consider selling Instagram accounts that are already having a huge following. Many business brands are always on the lookout for established Instagram accounts so that they could obtain a lot of Instagram followers practically without getting involved in the making of a brand new Instagram account.

You could simply visit well-known and reliable websites that allow you to sell your social media account and that may include Twitter, Facebook, and certainly Instagram. Generally, Instagram accounts with a huge following of approximately 40,000 or more and those that have a tremendous amount of engaging content seem to be given top priority and preference. Moreover, accounts that are not known to have any shady content or history of suspensions are in great demand.

Sponsored Posts or Product Placement

If you have been successful in creating an Instagram account that boasts of a huge number of followers who comment and like whatever you are posting on the platform, you could consider starting a business of selling sponsored posts. We know that a sponsored post would actually involve creating posts for specific brands and services for promoting them. This is almost similar to an advertisement.

Several companies are really interested in this and willing to pay exorbitantly so that you could share posts that help in promoting their image. Websites are there for providing specific links to organizations that would be providing them with product placements or simply sponsored posts.

Sell Your Photography Skills

No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, you could consider selling your photographs. In case, you are having a host of impressive photos on your phone, you could think about selling them on apps or you may think about promoting them primarily on your hugely popular Instagram account. You may sell all your pictures on applications such as Glashot or Phope.

These applications could easily be downloaded over Apple store or Play store. These interesting apps let you upload all your pictures directly from your smartphone to the apps and you may sell it right there. You could sell every picture that you are having for $5 or more.

Sell Your Unique Handicrafts

Many people are selling products that were designed and produced just while pursuing a hobby. You could do the same. You may sell these unique items on eBay, Etsy, Amazon handmade, etc. You could consider listing your stuff there and thereafter, use effectively your Instagram page for publicizing, promoting, and marketing your unique creations to the world. You could have pictures of these unique products that have been created by you, on your Instagram profile, or you can alternately post reviews of these products by happy customers, etc.

Opt for Affiliate Marketing

One of the most wonderful Instagram business ideas is to opt for affiliate marketing. Once you are involved in affiliate marketing, you would come to clearly understand that its underlying essence is driving more traffic to your website via multiple channels. Instagram boasts of more than 1 billion monthly active users so it provides a wonderful opportunity to make sales of all your unique products. You could get in touch with sites such as Amazon or Clickbank where you could become an affiliate marketer.

You would be given a specific link that you would require promoting for boosting sales. You could gain right from 10 percent to almost 76 percent commission practically on everything that is sold via your link. You may consider promoting the product via your Instagram page. Feel free to demonstrate photos of the interesting products you are promoting, share happy customers’ experiences, and post customer reviews on your page. You simply need to effectively insert the affiliate link into your page for visitors on your page to get an instant idea about the specific product marketed by you.

Showcase and Start Selling Your Services

Whatever services you are adept at providing such as freelance editing, proofreading, video animations, graphic designs, digital marketing, etc. there is a possibility that you could effectively use your Instagram account to grab customer attention and get an opportunity to sell your skills. Suppose you are a graphic designer or an interior decorator, you could use your Instagram account for showcasing your previous outstanding work samples for convincing new clients on your job efficiency, quality, and ability to deliver.

Real Estate

Real estate certainly is a multi-million dollar business which is currently employing thousands of people in the United States. You could harness the power of your Instagram account in promoting the real estate properties under your portfolio to boost your outreach and do proper publicity simply by showcasing the real estate properties on your Instagram for Business page. You may simply post high-quality pictures of the real estate properties you are willing to put up for sale. Include your contact details in that post.

Review Products

You could become a product reviewer online. If you are having a huge Instagram following and you are capable of giving video reviews, companies would be offering you their specific products for unboxing and reviewing for gaining publicity and more popularity. You must review products impartially and honestly.


Instagram could certainly help in building and expanding your business. It is a fantastic social media platform for reaching targeted audiences. It is known for offering immense opportunities to promote your products and services. Use one or more of these business ideas and become a successful freelancer or an entrepreneur in your own right.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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