How Does Video Conferencing Benefit a Business?

Cost control is one of the major challenges that companies face and when it’s for a small business, things come to survivability. Thus, the latest technologies and tools that promise to cut down the costs of a company is readily tested and accepted by the small business concerns. VoIP/IP telephony or online applications to make cheap/free calls are always welcome by the business owners who would like to enjoy anything doesn’t have a price tag attached to it.

There are many business owners who work with overseas clients and frequently travelling is not a very feasible option. Travelling abroad is not at all a financially viable option, if it has to be undertaken quite frequently. Phone conferences were a great way to have one-to-one meetings but it had its own downsides – they were costly and very difficult to arrange. Phone conferences often proved to be confusing and led to misunderstandings. Internet and especially after the advent of broadband, it has become really easy for medium and small-scale companies to maintain cheaper communication channels with their clients. 

The companies with overseas clients are now able to use the VoIP and other online communication systems to connect with them. They now do not need to send their executives to the client’s city or country and instead arrange video conference. Video conferencing is the latest technology that allows users from different locations attend a web based video conferencing, which is similar to having one-to-one meeting. Using the internet for making video calls is the perfect solution for businesses that work on a tight budget.

Video Conferencing. Image courtesy of TANDBERG Corporation

Video Conferencing. Image courtesy of TANDBERG Corporation

Small businesses can use the video conferencing technology to their maximum limit, as they do not have the luxury to afford frequent abroad travels. The video conferencing system can help them set up meetings at a convenient time. All the concerned personnel can attend the video conference and would be able to have one-to-one interaction with the client. New project requirements can be noted and discussed. It is even possible to provide Powerpoint presentations over a video conference as the system uses the same network as the internet connection.

There are several benefits offered by video conferencing solutions and some of the most prominent ones are as follows:

  • Lower costs – This is probably the most obvious and biggest advantage that video conferencing offers to its users. Costs of arranging a video conferencing is almost nil. The company will be effectively saving the costs it would have otherwise incurred on aboard travels.
  • Flexibility – Video conferencing offers the flexibility is required by most of the modern businesses. It helps them to arrange a conference from anywhere in the world and that too when everyone is located at different geographical locations.
  • Smooth Communication – Video conferencing results in smooth communication with clients. The chances of miscommunication or misunderstandings are greatly reduced. People attending the conference would get the same feeling as in a one-to-one physical meeting. Since presentations can be given through video conference so it even makes the executives feel confident.

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Michelle Patterson is a senior consultant and believes strongly in the need for communication. She constantly encourages the clients to look for ways for easing communication both within and outside a growing business.

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