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Dynamic Impact of Online Learning on Education

Online education is now considered as one of the most dynamic paradigms of learning. It may be a new player in the academic field but it has taken center stage for the past decade.

Today, there are over 7.1 million individuals who have taken part in this innovation. Just imagine, seven million students learning while facing their computers instead of sitting in a classroom. It’s too large a number to imagine, but it’s happening in this very moment. (more…)

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Do academic rankings create inequality?

A study led by a Michigan State University scholar questions whether higher education ranking systems are creating competition simply for the sake of competition at a time when universities are struggling financially.

Global rankings that emphasize science and technology research – such as the Academic Rankings of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University – have become increasingly popular and influential during the past decade, said Brendan Cantwell, lead author and assistant professor of educational administration. (more…)

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Ways Google Glass Would Be Great for Gaming

Many are speculating the possibilities for the new Google Glass – a wearable computer that displays a screen in front of your eye that you can control by voice command – in industries, such as medicine and education.

One industry in particular that has people excited about the possibilities for using the device is the gaming industry. The Google glass can take gaming to a completely different level in all genres of gaming.

Multiplayer system, role-playing (RPGs) and first-person shooting (FPS) games could potentially be more efficient to play and participate in. The glass right in front of your eye places you in the hub of the action, allowing players to nearly be face-to-face and eye-to-eye with the opponents in their games. What’s more, there is the potential of better accuracy when shooting, with the glass serving as your pinpoint target. (more…)

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A techie with a dream sparks a new generation of computer scientists

Read the improbable story of a Microsoft employee who twice turned down a traditional tech sector job so he could teach high school students, and then landed his dream job.

REDMOND, Wash. — Kevin Wang could have followed his career.

Instead, he chose to follow his calling.

It was the early 2000s, and Wang had just graduated from Berkeley with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. He was trying to decide which tech company he should offer his services to, when a high school came calling. (more…)

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Jordanna Bailkin studies postwar Britain in new book ‘The Afterlife of Empire’

Jordanna Bailkin is a University of Washington professor of history and author of the new book “The Afterlife of Empire.” She answered a few questions about the book for UW Today.

Q: What is the central concept behind this book?

A: I wanted to understand how Britain and Britons were affected by losing their empire, and how they were changed — often in deeply personal ways — by this process of decolonization. (more…)

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Is Social Media an Effective Instrument for Qualitative Education?

Learn about the reasons why social media can be efficient and easy tool in education process!

Students breathe social media; it’s like a drug spreading its tentacles over the younger generation. However, parents and teachers have begun to realize the importance of social media for the younger generation. For instance, they use the Internet databases and social media collaboration as homework writing help tools.

In fact, here is a latest Infographic released by Project Information Literacy on how college students rely on online resources for qualitative study. (more…)

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After the Storm, Haiti’s Food Situation Looks Bleak

ANN ARBOR — The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which ripped through southern Haiti in October, will extend beyond destruction and injury. The current and future food security looks bleak barring significant intervention during the next year, according to a University of Michigan report.

Rain-triggered mudslides throughout the country from the hurricane has not only washed out homes, but also roadways and bridges—bringing transportation to a near standstill, says Athena Kolbe, the report’s lead author and a U-M doctoral candidate in social work and political science. The natural disaster compounded Haiti’s long struggles to transport enough produce from the countryside to village markets and major urban centers. (more…)

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Children’s Book Author

CEHD alumna writes children’s book about animal friends on St. Kitts

Can a dog and a monkey be best friends? In Heidi Fagerberg’s first children’s book, Lion Paw and Oliver – An Unlikely Friendship, readers learn that the answer is yes.

Fagerberg, a University of Delaware College of Education and Human Development alumna, is writing a series of realistic fiction children’s books centered around the theme “Living the Beach Life.” It is based on orphaned animals found near her home on St. Kitts, an island in the Caribbean. (more…)

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