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Dynamic Impact of Online Learning on Education

Online education is now considered as one of the most dynamic paradigms of learning. It may be a new player in the academic field but it has taken center stage for the past decade.

Today, there are over 7.1 million individuals who have taken part in this innovation. Just imagine, seven million students learning while facing their computers instead of sitting in a classroom. It’s too large a number to imagine, but it’s happening in this very moment. (more…)

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12 Top Universities Partner with Coursera

If you were skeptical about the whole Ivy League online education thing catching on when you heard about edX, you may be surprised to learn that Coursera, an online education startup lead by two Stanford professors, just formed partnerships with 12 top universities to provide free online courses to the masses, according to The Huffington Post.

The universities that will now be providing free online courses to Coursera users are: Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, California Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Rice University, University of Illinois, UC San Francisco, University of Virginia, University of Washington, University of Toronto, University of Edinburgh, and Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. (more…)

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