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A Creative Approach to Health

“What are we painting today?”

The question followed me as I walked down the hallway. Some 15 minutes before we were scheduled to start, there were already a dozen children crammed into the activity room to begin our weekly art session. More were coming.

Usually, kids participating in the art program at IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services) trickle in slowly over the first half-hour of our scheduled time. But today was a painting day and that draws a crowd. By the time we started, 25 children ranging in age from 4 to 14 had paint, a brush and paper, and all were eager to start. (more…)

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Microbes Help Hyenas Communicate via Scent

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Bacteria in hyenas’ scent glands may be the key controllers of communication.

The results, featured in the current issue of Scientific Reports, show a clear relationship between the diversity of hyena clans and the distinct microbial communities that reside in their scent glands, said Kevin Theis, the paper’s lead author and Michigan State University postdoctoral researcher.

“A critical component of every animal’s behavioral repertoire is an effective communication system,” said Theis, who co-authored the study with Kay Holekamp, MSU zoologist. “It is possible that without their bacteria, many animals couldn’t ‘say’ much at all.” (more…)

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Scientists Measure Communication between Stem Cell-Derived Motor Neurons, Muscle Cells

In an effort to identify the underlying causes of neurological disorders that impair motor functions such as walking and breathing, UCLA researchers have developed a novel system to measure communication between stem cell–derived motor neurons and muscle cells in a Petri dish.

The study provides an important proof of principle that functional motor circuits can be created outside the body using these neurons and cells and that the level of communication, or synaptic activity, between them can be accurately measured by stimulating the motor neurons with an electrode and then tracking the transfer of electrical activity into the muscle cells to which the neurons are connected. (more…)

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Social Media a Key Tool for People Entering Today’s Job Market

Many of today’s college students use social media as their main form of communication, but getting them to use it in a professional manner can sometimes be a challenge, according to Lisa Severy, director of the University of Colorado Boulder Office of Career Services.

With many employers using social media and conducting Google searches as part of their employee screening process, creating a positive and professional online presence can go a long way in helping students land a job out of school, according to Severy. (more…)

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‘Was Doing’ Versus ‘Did’: Verbs Matter When Judging Other People’s Intentions

Your English teacher wasn’t kidding: Grammar really does matter. The verb form used to describe an action can affect how the action is perceived—and these subtle variations could mean the difference between an innocent or guilty verdict in criminal law, according to a new study published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

William Hart, of the University of Alabama, was inspired to conduct the study by research on how people think about narratives. “Research was showing that when you describe somebody’s actions in terms of what they’re ‘doing,’ that action is way more vivid in [a reader’s] mind” than if the action is described in terms of what the person ‘did.’ At the same time, other researchers had found that when people imagine action vividly, they were more likely to think the person performing the action was doing it intentionally. (more…)

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Usability Experts Discuss How to Make Life Easier for the Rest of Us

*Today, Microsoft sponsors an afternoon of workshops to mark World Usability Day, the annual event for usability professionals to raise awareness for their field and discuss research, best practices and products.* 

REDMOND, Wash. – Nov. 11, 2010 – Making the world work better, helping people communicate better, enhancing communication between people and computers – these are all things that interest Steve Seow and other usability experts around the world. 

As part of World Usability Day today, members of the Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA) worldwide will host events to discuss usability and to share research and best practices.  (more…)

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