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Sicheres Cloud Computing ist kein Wolkenkuckucksheim

Integration von digitalem Fachwissen und Automatisierung von Risiko-Analysen kann Testverfahren für Software deutlich verbessern und Cloud Computing sicherer machen. Das zeigen neueste Ergebnisse eines vom FWF geförderten Projekts zur Qualitätssicherung sicherheitskritischer Systeme der Uni Innsbruck, die vor kurzem veröffentlicht wurden.

Software-EntwicklerInnen erleben oftmals böse Überraschungen: Selbst nach langer und erfolgreicher Anwendung von Cloud-Programmen tun sich plötzlich unerwartete Schwachstellen auf. Tatsächlich sind gerade Cloud-Programme anfällig dafür. Nicht weil sie schlecht geschrieben wurden, sondern weil sie viele laufend aktualisierte Schnittstellen besitzen. Diese machen Funktionalitäten erforderlich, die weit über den eigentlichen Programmablauf hinausgehen und von dritten Systemen abhängen. Sogenannte nicht-funktionale Sicherheitstests können diese Aspekte zwar testen, doch die konventionellen Methoden der Qualitätssicherung scheitern oft an der Komplexität der Anforderungen. Jetzt haben WissenschafterInnen der Universität Innsbruck Grundlagen vorgestellt, die nicht-funktionale Tests deutlich verbessern können. (more…)

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Study asks: Is a ‘better world’ possible?

For years, policymakers have attempted to create communities where a diverse group of residents not only live close to one other but also interact freely – in other words, neighborhoods that are both integrated and socially cohesive.

But that might be a lost cause, a Michigan State University sociologist argues in a new study. (more…)

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IBM Survey: Speed and Analytics Key Drivers in Mobile Adoption for Organizations

Half of the Respondents Report a Greater Than 10 Percent Gain in Employee Productivity as a Result of Their Mobile Efforts

ARMONK, N.Y. – 19 Nov 2013: IBM today announced results of a new study revealing that 90 percent of global organizations surveyed are willing to sustain or increase their investments in mobile technologies over the next 12-18 months. One of the reasons for increased investments is the measurable impact on speed and productivity. For example, half of the respondents report a greater than 10 percent gain in employee productivity as a result of their mobile efforts. (more…)

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Microsoft updates enterprise social road map, highlights momentum on Yammer acquisition anniversary

Microsoft delivers on its enterprise social vision with accelerating user, customer and engagement growth.

REDMOND, Wash. — June 25, 2013 — Today marks one year since Microsoft Corp. announced its acquisition of Yammer, the leading provider of enterprise social networks. Since the acquisition, Microsoft’s enterprise social momentum has accelerated in all areas, including new users, paid customers, user engagement, innovation, and the ecosystem of partners selling and connecting to the Yammer platform.

Twelve-month growth highlights include the following:

  • Registered users have grown by more than 55 percent to nearly 8 million.
  • Paid networks increased more than 200 percent year over year.
  • Yammer user activity (i.e., messages, groups and files) has approximately doubled year over year. (more…)

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Robofish Grace Glides with the Greatest of Ease

A high-tech robotic fish hatched at Michigan State University has a new look. A new skill. And a new name.

MSU scientists have made a number of improvements on the fish, including the ability to glide long distances, which is the most important change to date. The fish now has the ability to glide through the water practically indefinitely, using little to no energy, while gathering valuable data that can aid in the cleaning of our lakes and rivers. (more…)

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IBM Establishes the Smarter Energy Research Institute to Advance the Utility of the Future

Hydro-Québec (Canada), Alliander (Netherlands) and DTE Energy (USA) Join as the First Members

YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. – 25 Oct 2012: IBM today announced the launch of the Smarter Energy Research Institute, a new industrial research collaboration model aimed at accelerating innovation across the global energy and utilities market. Hydro-Québec (Canada), Alliander (Netherlands) and DTE Energy (USA) join as the first members.

The Smarter Energy Research Institute is a new collaboration between corporate research and the energy and utilities industry to transform leading energy companies through the use of predictive analytics, system optimization and advanced computation to deliver better services to their customers. Combining IBM Research’s expertise in the areas of mathematical sciences, computer science and high-performance computing with the deep-power engineering and operational know-how of the participating members, the Institute will focus on five core innovation tracks to pursue joint research and where shared investments, knowledge and capabilities will benefit every member. Each company will identify and be active in up to two tracks that match their business and operational priorities. The areas include: (more…)

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Driving Force

UD prof leads photonics revolution to help researchers access high-tech foundry services

Michael Hochberg joined the University of Delaware in the spring of 2012 as an associate professor in electrical and computer engineering.

An industry leader in silicon photonics and large-scale photonic-electronic integration, Hochberg is renowned for establishing Optoelectronic Systems Integration in Silicon (OpSIS), a high-tech foundry service for silicon photonics in which the community shares the cost of fabricating complex chip-scale systems across many projects. (more…)

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IBM Completes Acquisition of Sterling Commerce

ARMONK, N.Y. – 27 Aug 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the closing of its acquisition of Sterling Commerce.  The company expands IBM’s ability to help clients accelerate their interactions with customers, partners and suppliers through dynamic business networks using either on-premise or cloud delivery models. 


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