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Drei Lügen gegen Ökostrom und was man tun kann

Eine Kampagne strickt ein raffiniertes Lügengeflecht und behauptet, der subventionierte Solar- und Windstrom sei der Preistreiber

upg. In Deutschland blasen Lobbys zum Angriff auf das Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz EEG. Solar- und Windstrom seien schuld daran, dass der Strompreis ab 2014 bereits wieder um einen Cent pro Kilowattstunde teurer wird. Doch die erneuerbare Energie sei nicht die Hauptschuldige an den steigenden Strompreisen, erklärt Franz Alt, der frühere ARD-Journalist und Verfechter alternativer Energien. Er wehrt sich gegen ein «raffiniertes Lügengeflecht». Die deutsche Zeitung «Welt» gibt ihm recht: «Der erneute Anstieg der Ökostrom-Umlage ist nur zu einem geringen Teil auf den Bau neuer Solar- und Windparks zurück zu führen. Die wahren Kosten der Energiewende verstecken sich woanders.»

Die drei Lügen

Erste Lüge: Die erneuerbaren Energien sind die Preistreiber. (more…)

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6 Reasons to Consider Powering Your House with Wind Turbines

Wind energy is one of the cleanest forms of renewable energy along with solar. This is the main reason why wind turbines were some of the very first form of clean energy producers adopted not only by governments, but also people to power their homes. They cost relatively less when compared to installing solar panels.

Reasons to consider powering your house with wind turbines

#1 Contribute To Your Community

 Keep your head high and feel proud, you are going to contribute to your community. You can’t obviously store all of the energy that will be produced by your system. You will be able to export excess energy produced by your turbines to the local grid and share the electricity with your neighbors. (more…)

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Artificial Forest for Solar Water-Splitting

Berkeley Lab Researchers Report First Fully Integrated Artificial Photosynthesis Nanosystem

In the wake of the sobering news that atmospheric carbon dioxide is now at its highest level in at least three million years, an important advance in the race to develop carbon-neutral renewable energy sources has been achieved. Scientists with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have reported the first fully integrated nanosystem for artificial photosynthesis. While “artificial leaf” is the popular term for such a system, the key to this success was an “artificial forest.”

“Similar to the chloroplasts in green plants that carry out photosynthesis, our artificial photosynthetic system is composed of two semiconductor light absorbers, an interfacial layer for charge transport, and spatially separated co-catalysts,” says Peidong Yang, a chemist with Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division, who led this research. “To facilitate solar water- splitting in our system, we synthesized tree-like nanowire  heterostructures, consisting of silicon trunks and titanium oxide branches. Visually, arrays of these nanostructures very much resemble an artificial forest.” (more…)

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Seeing in Color at the Nanoscale

Berkeley Lab scientists develop a new nanotech tool to probe solar-energy conversion

If nanoscience were television, we’d be in the 1950s. Although scientists can make and manipulate nanoscale objects with increasingly awesome control, they are limited to black-and-white imagery for examining those objects. Information about nanoscale chemistry and interactions with light—the atomic-microscopy equivalent to color—is tantalizingly out of reach to all but the most persistent researchers.

But that may all change with the introduction of a new microscopy tool from researchers at the Department of Energy (DOE)’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) that delivers exquisite chemical details with a resolution once thought impossible. The team developed their tool to investigate solar-to-electric energy conversion at its most fundamental level, but their invention promises to reveal new worlds of data to researchers in all walks of nanoscience. (more…)

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IBM Smarter Cities Technology Helps NYC Envision Solar Energy Leadership through CUNY Ventures

Innovative Model Aims to Export Solar Market Analysis Tools to the World

New York – 07 Jun 2012: IBM is helping New York City (NYC) become a global leader in urban solar energy market analysis and sustainability through an innovative agreement with CUNY Ventures, a City University of New York (CUNY) Economic Development Corporation entity.

The goal of this effort is to nourish solar adoption by developing the capability to analyze and understand key solar market indicators that can make solar system development more cost competitive. Using IBM’s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) for Smarter Cities as the backbone, this analytics-based approach will help New York City monitor and analyze solar production and capacity through a virtual control room that will provide a dashboard view of key indicators.

The collaboration is part of ‘Solar Market Analytics, Roadmapping, and Tracking NY’ (SMART NY), a groundbreaking project supported in part by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) ‘Rooftop Solar Challenge’, part of the DOE SunShot Initiative which is striving to make solar energy cost-competitive with other forms of energy by the end of the decade. (more…)

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Shaping The Future of Global Energy Policy

A leading academic at the University of Exeter has played a central role in compiling a report which could be vital for global efforts to tackle climate change.

Professor Catherine Mitchell, part of the University’s Energy Policy Group based in Cornwall, was one of only two experts from the UK to contribute to the ‘Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation’ (SRREN). (more…)

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