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Robin-Hood-Effekt verstärkt Motivation in Mathe

Wichtiger als Beruf, Einkommen und Bildung ist das Interesse der Eltern, zeigt eine Studie von Bildungsforschern der Universität Tübingen

 Kinder, deren Eltern sich wenig für Mathematik interessieren, profitieren mehr von einer unterstützenden Maßnahme zur Steigerung der Motivation als Kinder, deren Eltern Mathematik als wichtig erachten. Das haben Wissenschaftler vom Hector-Institut für Empirische Bildungsforschung an der Universität Tübingen in einer Studie herausgefunden. (more…)

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Dopamin hilft auch beim Rechnen auf die Sprünge

Tierphysiologen der Universität Tübingen zeigen, dass bestimmte Nervenzellen unter dem Einfluss des Botenstoffs Regeln besser verarbeiten

Der im Volksmund als „Glückshormon“ bezeichnete Botenstoff Dopamin ist nicht nur für Motivation und Motorik des Menschen wichtig, sondern kann Nervenzellen offenbar auch bei anspruchsvollen kognitiven Aufgaben positiv beeinflussen. Torben Ott, Simon Jacob und Professor Andreas Nieder vom Institut für Neurobiologie der Universität Tübingen konnten nun erstmals zeigen, welchen Einfluss Dopamin auf Gehirnzellen während der Verarbeitung von Regeln hat. Die Studie wurde am Donnerstag, 4. Dezember, in der Online-Ausgabe der Fachzeitschrift Neuron vorab veröffentlicht. DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.neuron.2014.11.012 (more…)

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Maintaining Positivity, Motivation Can Help Job Search Process, MU Researcher Finds

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Currently, many recent college graduates still face the daunting task of searching for a job. While the job search process can be long and exhausting, a University of Missouri researcher has found that maintaining positivity and staying motivated can lead to a more successful job search.

“The search for a job can be stressful time in anyone’s life, especially first-time college graduates,” said Daniel Turban, professor of management at the MU Trulaske College of Business. “Job searching isn’t rewarding until the end of the search when a job is actually secure.” (more…)

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UCLA Scientists Develop New Therapeutics that Could Accelerate Wound Healing

In “before” and “after” photos from advertisements for wound-healing ointments, bandages and antibiotic creams, we see an injury transformed from an inflamed red gash to smooth and flawless skin.

What we don’t appreciate is the vital role that our own natural biomolecules play in the healing process, including their contribution to the growth of new cells and the development of new blood vessels that provide nutrients to those cells. (more…)

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Recognizing Psychological Common Ground Could Ease Tensions Among Those with Different Religious Beliefs, says MU Psychologist

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Understanding how thoughts of mortality influence individuals’ beliefs sheds light on the commonalities among different groups’ motivations and could help ease tensions between opposing viewpoints, according to University of Missouri experiments that tested the relationship between awareness of death and belief in a higher power. The study found that thoughts of death increased atheists, Christians, Muslims and agnostics conviction in their own world views. For example, contrary to the wartime aphorism that there are no atheists in foxholes, thoughts of death did not cause atheists to express belief in a deity.

“Our study suggests that atheists’ and religious believers’ world views have the same practical goal,” said Kenneth Vail, lead author and doctoral student in psychological science in MU’s College of Arts and Science. “Both groups seek a coherent world view to manage the fear of death and link themselves to a greater and immortal entity, such as a supreme being, scientific progress or a nation. If people were more aware of this psychological similarity, perhaps there might be more understanding and less conflict among groups with different beliefs.” (more…)

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“Nike+ Kinect Training” Provides World Class Athletic Training – at Home

Microsoft and Nike team up to make Nike’s elite athletic training – never before available to the public – available to everyone in the comfort of their living room with the power of Kinect for Xbox 360.

REDMOND, Wash. – Oct. 30, 2012 – Want to get athlete fit? With “Nike+ Kinect Training,” you can just do it in your living room.

“Nike+ Kinect Training,” a new personal training program for Xbox 360, hits shelves today. It’s just in time for gift shoppers – or, just in time to buy, open, and use it to help stay in shape during the calorie-laden holidays.

“This is really not an exercise game; it’s a game-changing, truly personalized fitness program,” says Michelle Tatom, one of Microsoft’s executive producers of “Nike+ Kinect Training.” (more…)

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Beliefs Drive Investors More than Preferences, Study Finds

COLUMBUS, Ohio – If experts thought they knew anything about individual investors, it was this: their emotions lead them to sell winning stocks too soon and hold on to losers too long.

But new research casts doubt on this widely held theory that individual investors’ decisions are driven mainly by their feelings toward losses and gains. In an innovative study, researchers found evidence that individual investors’ decisions are primarily motivated by their beliefs about a stock’s future. (more…)

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Abused Students Can Return To School and Thrive With Educator Help, MU Researcher Finds

*Study of math and reading scores indicate daily focus can bring success*

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A new study from the University of Missouri shows that children who are abused can return to school and do well academically if teachers can help them control their emotions, pay attention to detail and stay motivated. (more…)

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