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Southern exposure: 21% of U.S. elderly take high-risk medicines

A study of more than 6 million seniors in Medicare Advantage plans in 2009 found that 21 percent received a prescription for at least one potentially harmful “high-risk medication.” Nearly 5 percent received at least two. Questionable prescriptions are more common in the South and among people who live in poor areas.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — More than one in five seniors with Medicare Advantage plans received a prescription for a potentially harmful “high-risk medication” in 2009, according to an analysis by Brown University public health researchers. The questionable prescriptions were significantly more common in the Southeast United States, as well as among women and people living in relatively poor areas. (more…)

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UK Mums Are Keen Online Shoppers

*comScore Releases Overview of European Internet Usage for October 2011*

LONDON, UK, 9 December 2011 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released an overview of internet usage in Europe, showing 376.6 million unique visitors went online in October 2011 for an average of 27.8 hours per person. This study highlights internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region and provides individual reporting on 18 markets. The study also analysed the online behaviour of mothers, defined as females age 25 and older with children in the household, showing their heavy propensity to visit retail sites. (more…)

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Facebook Users in Argentina Spend 9 Hours a Month on Site, Second Only to Israel in User Engagement

*comScore to Host Complimentary Webinar “The State of the Internet in Argentina” on June 14*

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 9, 2011 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study on Internet usage in Argentina from its online audience measurement and media planning solution comScore Media Metrix. The study found that Microsoft Sites led all web properties in audience size in April reaching more than 95 percent of the online population, while visitors averaged the most time on Facebook.com at 8.8 hours per visitor during the month. These findings and others will be presented via a live webinar, The State of the Internet in Argentina, on June 14. For more information and to register, please visit: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/698116824 (more…)

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3 of 4 Online Users in New Zealand Watch Online Video

*Males Spend 64 Percent More Time Viewing Online Video than Females*  

*comScore Releases Latest Online Video Rankings for New Zealand* 

Auckland, New Zealand, March 30, 2011 – comScore, Inc., a leader in measuring the digital world, today released its latest study of online video viewing habits in New Zealand based on data from the comScore Video Metrix service, which was launched in New Zealand earlier this year. The report found that 2.1 million online users in New Zealand watched online video in February 2011, representing 77 percent of the total online population. Google Sites led the market as the top online video property, driven largely by viewership at YouTube.com. 

“Video viewing is an important and growing online activity for New Zealanders, with online viewers watching more than one video every day on average,” said Amy Weinberger, comScore vice president for Australia and New Zealand. “Online video offers an especially engaging experience for consumers that translates into the potential for high quality advertising impressions from desirable audiences that can be delivered at scale.”  (more…)

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