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How To Handle Social Events This Summer And Stay Sober

Summer is a great time to relax, have some fun, and spend time with loved ones, but for individuals in recovery, it can also be a very trying time. Navigating social situations while trying to stay sober and healthy can be difficult, to say the least, and it’s hard to know the best ways to get around them and hang on to the promises you’ve made to yourself. (more…)

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Keep Your Spirit Up and Stress Level Down for the Holidays

When the holidays descend upon us, we find ourselves simultaneously excited and bracing for the stress that is rushing toward us. As children, we only had to look forward to all the magic and festivities that awaited. As adults, we have become the facilitators of all of those festivities, working too hard to get them right. (more…)

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Es bleibt in der Familie

Regionalität und Nachhaltigkeit: Die Tourismuslandschaft Tirols ist geprägt durch Betriebe in Familienhand. Der Tourismusforscher Prof. Mike Peters vom Institut für Strategisches Management, Marketing und Tourismus untersucht mit seinem Team die Charakteristika von kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen. (more…)

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Best Places to Visit in London

While traveling there are numerous places to see wherever one may go, this holds especially true for the heart of England. When taking a holiday in London, there are many noteworthy things to do and see in this beautiful, majestic city. Among numerous places to go to a few places that are interesting to see for all ages is the Tower of London, Big Ben, going to the theatre, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and various museums. All of these have something different to offer a visitor.

Tower of London:

This historical prison is one place that anyone can go see and enjoy as there are things that can interest anyone. Some may find the historical portion of this attraction appealing. The Tower of London has had a very rich history throughout the centuries and is home to many stories that can tell someone about what times were like then. This site is also home to the royal jewels and many other tributes to previous monarchies. (more…)

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Sail Far and Wide from New York City

New York is a hub. This city has served as a focal point for so many things American, from fashion to publishing to bagels and so much more. Now the “city that never sleeps” is becoming a hub for cruise travel. You can now cruise around the world, right from New York.

Here are four major destinations that you can discover on a cruise from New York.

  • Europe – Set sail for a European adventure on a transatlantic cruise. This sailing has old world charm, as you cross the ocean like many immigrants did generations ago, to experience the new world and embark upon a new life. You can trace back your ancestor’s routes and see the precious places they came from. (more…)

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The Vibrant Features of the extra Luxury Villas in Tuscany

If you have a knack to visit vibrant and beautiful places then you must give a try with the luxury villas in Tuscany. These villas are available all around the year and they are just like dream houses. Some of these villas are situated in the most exotic destinations and Italy is known to be one of the hot and happening areas that houses thousand of these villas. Tourist from all across the globe visit the place to explore the beauty of Italy and they usually prefer to stay in these villas. These are also known to for having the power of healing and soothing because of their exotic locations. The villas are built by professionals and they are situated in the lap of mother nature.

Why are the villas the ideal places for friends and family?

These villas are the ideal places for families and friends. If you have not gone for vacations for many years then it is suggested to visit these villas. Again, if you are going through tremendous work pressure then you can take a break and visit these villas for a refreshment. These villas are furnished with everything that can make it a perfect home. The lifestyle in these villas is designed in such a manner that you can spend the few days that you spend there in luxury. These villas are meant to provide all kinds of luxuries to the visitors. They are equipped with swimming pools, playing grounds, kitchen, dinning rooms, lounge, bedroom, bathroom, electronic gadgets and many other things that one might need in his/her holiday. (more…)

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Teams on Tour: Great Sporting Trips Around the World

Passion for sport is unrivalled in its energy and dedication and so it’s no wonder that people are so keen to travel the world to see their favourite athletes and teams play abroad. These tours offer a unique opportunity to follow your sport and see some great global destinations at the same time.

Travelling abroad to follow your favourite sport is a unique and highly rewarding experience, allowing you to experience a different country, engage with their culture and discover the wonders of how other peoples and nations watch and enjoy sports. Organised tours are often the best way to get involved with international sport as they do an excellent job of combining all the necessary aspects without any hassle for your tickets to all the most important sporting events, accommodation and transport to make getting there very easy and scheduled free time to allow you to explore the surroundings of your destination. (more…)

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