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How To Handle Social Events This Summer And Stay Sober

Summer is a great time to relax, have some fun, and spend time with loved ones, but for individuals in recovery, it can also be a very trying time. Navigating social situations while trying to stay sober and healthy can be difficult, to say the least, and it’s hard to know the best ways to get around them and hang on to the promises you’ve made to yourself. (more…)

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Disturbing Behavior: A Look At The Links Between Addiction And Suicide

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can have many devastating effects–not just on the lives of the user, but for their families and friends as well. Not only does addiction damage relationships, jobs, education prospects, and self-esteem, it can have irreparable effects on the body and mind. Worse, alarming studies over the past several years have shown that people who are addicted to substances also have the weight of death by suicide hanging over their heads.

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Exotisches Teilchen bestätigt

Tübinger Forscher: Bei Experimenten mit dem COSY-Beschleuniger Quarks im Sechserpack nachgewiesen

Über Jahrzehnte haben Physiker vergeblich nach exotischen Bindungszuständen gefahndet, die aus mehr als drei Quarks bestehen. Wissenschaftler der Universität Tübingen waren an einem Experiment am Jülicher Beschleuniger COSY beteiligt, das nun zeigt: In der Natur kommen tatsächlich derartige komplexe Teilchen vor. Ihre Erkenntnisse hat die WASA-at-COSY Kollaboration in der Fachzeitschrift „Physical Review Letters“ veröffentlicht.   (more…)

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