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Best Places to Visit in London

While traveling there are numerous places to see wherever one may go, this holds especially true for the heart of England. When taking a holiday in London, there are many noteworthy things to do and see in this beautiful, majestic city. Among numerous places to go to a few places that are interesting to see for all ages is the Tower of London, Big Ben, going to the theatre, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and various museums. All of these have something different to offer a visitor.

Tower of London:

This historical prison is one place that anyone can go see and enjoy as there are things that can interest anyone. Some may find the historical portion of this attraction appealing. The Tower of London has had a very rich history throughout the centuries and is home to many stories that can tell someone about what times were like then. This site is also home to the royal jewels and many other tributes to previous monarchies. (more…)

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New CU-led Study May Answer Long-Standing Questions About Enigmatic Little Ice Age

A new University of Colorado Boulder-led study appears to answer contentious questions about the onset and cause of Earth’s Little Ice Age, a period of cooling temperatures that began after the Middle Ages and lasted into the late 19th century.

According to the new study, the Little Ice Age began abruptly between A.D. 1275 and 1300, triggered by repeated, explosive volcanism and sustained by a self- perpetuating sea ice-ocean feedback system in the North Atlantic Ocean, according to CU-Boulder Professor Gifford Miller, who led the study. The primary evidence comes from radiocarbon dates from dead vegetation emerging from rapidly melting icecaps on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, combined with ice and sediment core data from the poles and Iceland and from sea ice climate model simulations, said Miller. (more…)

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