Best Places to Visit in London

While traveling there are numerous places to see wherever one may go, this holds especially true for the heart of England. When taking a holiday in London, there are many noteworthy things to do and see in this beautiful, majestic city. Among numerous places to go to a few places that are interesting to see for all ages is the Tower of London, Big Ben, going to the theatre, the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and various museums. All of these have something different to offer a visitor.

Tower of London:

This historical prison is one place that anyone can go see and enjoy as there are things that can interest anyone. Some may find the historical portion of this attraction appealing. The Tower of London has had a very rich history throughout the centuries and is home to many stories that can tell someone about what times were like then. This site is also home to the royal jewels and many other tributes to previous monarchies.

Big Ben:

This iconic clock has been featured in numerous photos and movies. As one on the largest clocks around, what does it offer those who are visiting? The site where the Clock Tower is located is close to other points of interest including Houses of Parliament. What makes this a great place to go to though is the history of how it came to be.

The London Eye:

If wanting to see all of London from an amazing location then the London Eye is the place to go to. This vast Ferris wheel was created solely to provide picturesque views of London from a new perspective. This is a great way to spend a half hour looking over the Thames River and being able to view all of London. It is said that on a clear day it is possible to see 25 miles from this observation deck.

Best Places to Visit in London

Best Places to Visit in London

The Tower Bridge:

Tower Bridge is a great way to spend the last few days of any trip. Suitable for all ages, this attraction holds tours and wonderful views of the city. If children are accompanying the trip, the Tower Bridge Exhibition tour is a great way to get them involved with hands-on activities that can stimulate their minds.

 The Theatre:

The theatre in London may not be for everyone but is a great place to go to catch numerous shows. Getting theatre tickets while in London can provide a break from the mundane touring portion of a trip. There is a broad spectrum of shows that are available at many theatres in this great city that can provide something that would pique anyone’s interest in the fine arts.


The museums in London offer many things that can attract visitors. While one of the most popular museums is the British Museum there are many more to choose from.

There are many numerous places to visit that can pique anyone’s interest. Whichever site is chosen, it is assured that there will be many benefits to travelling to London for a holiday.

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