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Moscow Legislators Visit Chicago Harris to Learn about U.S. Governance

Five Russian legislators visited the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy recently to learn about American elections and democratic institutions from Chicago Harris faculty and students.

The Chicago Harris stop on Dec. 3 kicked off a weeklong trip for the delegates to Washington D.C. and Chicago as part of the congressionally sponsored Open World Program. The goal was to expose the legislators, who are all municipal council deputies in Moscow, to American best practices in local governance. (more…)

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What Will You Do If an Earthquake Hits?

Join the Great ShakeOut on October 18, 2012, to prepare

The Central Virginia Seismic Zone, it’s called, and it sometimes shakes everything in sight.

As long ago as 1774, people in central Virginia felt small earthquakes and suffered damage from intermittent larger ones. A magnitude 4.8 quake happened in 1875.

Then last year, on August 23, 2011, a magnitude 5.8 quake hit the same region. Several aftershocks, ranging up to magnitude 4.5, occurred after the main tremor.

Will there be another such quake in the mid-Atlantic region? (more…)

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Farmers, Warriors, Builders: The Hidden Life of Ants – The ‘Ants Gala’

Normally we are used to see Hollywood Gala, Stars Gala, and some more different types of gala, where mainly movie stars are the main attractions. Then comes directors, producers, etc. etc. Needless to mention about the music galas.  

However, this time it’s ‘Ants Gala’. We all know them from our childhood. They are everywhere, in every continent – all over the Earth. So now it’s there Gala. 🙂


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